Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a Girl!!!

I can't believe it's taken me a week to get this posted!!!  If somehow you missed a phone call, text message, or facebook post, we are having a baby GIRL!!!  We are so excited!!!  As you know, the anticipation was killing me.  We drove through some snow and lots of traffic to get to the doctor last Thursday morning.  I was SO anxious!  I laid on the ultrasound table and watched as the ultrasound tech examined the baby's head, abdomen, arms, legs, etc.  It was so neat to see that the little jelly bean looks like a baby now!  Then it was time to look at the goods... "Those are definitely little GIRL parts!"  I literally SCREAMED.  I think the whole doctor's office probably heard me.  Russell was holding one hand and my other arm shot up into the air like some well-choreographed dance move while "YAY!!!" came loudly out of my mouth.  At that point I remembered I was in a doctor's office and calmed myself down a bit.  Russell was grinning ear to ear and SO happy.  He also gave me the "I told you so!" b/c he's been saying it's a girl this entire time.  I teared up and watched the screen as the tech continued to exam her organs, measure things, etc.  Most importantly, our baby girl is measuring well and she looks normal and healthy!  We are SO blessed and excited for what the future holds with our baby girl!!
For all of those that aren't sonogram experts... Her little face!  The dark spots are her eyes, her little right hand is by her face, and then her tummy is on the left side of the screen. :)

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