Thursday, May 31, 2012

Future Pom Girl

This is from a few weeks ago, but it's too good not to post.  I wish I could have caught the time she held a high V for like 10 seconds.  That was awesome.  But this was pretty great too.  Loving my future pom girl!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh What A Night...

Can I please just tell you about last night/this morning... Haven and I went to visit Aunt Rissa at her new apartment in Norman yesterday.  We did some fun shopping at Bed Bath Beyond, Hobby Lobby, and Target to pick up a few things for her new place.  It was a blast!  Love you Aunt Rissa!  After that, we headed to OKC for dinner with some friends- my Theta mom and her husband.  It was their first time meeting Haven (shocking!) and she did so great.  Saying hi, waving, and dancing for them.  She even let Shelley hold her without a whimper!  We ate at a fun burger place and it was delish.  Trying to keep Haven occupied, I let her have some french fries.  This will come into play later. 

We left dinner for Shelley's apartment to get Haven in her pjs, make a bottle, and get on the road.  She'd sleep the whole way home, I'd put her in bed, and it'd be great.  Turns out I had several missed calls from my mom and sister about bad weather.  After much radar-watching and phone conversations, I decided to try and avoid the softball size hail by riding it out in a hospital parking garage not far from Shelley's place.  Haven had some fun pretending to drive my car, but other than that it was a boring wait.  She took the bottle and didn't fall asleep and I knew happy Haven time was limited.  With the weather being so sketchy from OKC to Tulsa and another wave of hail on it's way, I got nervous to make the drive.  We ended up in a hotel room in Bricktown...pricey.

I didn't intend on staying the night so I have nothing.  I have enough formula for one more feeding and that's it.. nothing for the morning.  Shelley graciously bought me some and left it at the front desk.  I am low on diapers, but should be fine.  I did have a change of clothes for her, but nothing for me obviously.  She takes another bottle and goes right to sleep.  Enter Brittany, the high-maintenance sleeper.  If you have ever lived with me, traveled with me, or know me well... you know that I have intense night time requirements.  I sleep with a mask and a sound machine that plays rain to block the noise out.  I have used it since 7th grade and am completely addicted.  This failed to cross my mind in my decision to get a hotel.  Fail.  I use aquaphor on my lips every night too, didn't have that either.  Yet another fail.  So what do I do?  Put the air on fan in hopes that some noise will help.  It is still too quiet.  I lay in bed for almost 2 hours before deciding I need some sort of make-shift mask for my eyes.  I proceed to tie hand towels together and around my face at 1am.  Oh, if you could have seen me.  This surprisingly helps and I am able to fall asleep.

But I am only asleep until 2am when Haven wakes up coughing.  It is a wet cough, she sounds like she's trying to throw up, I sit her up, and she pukes (those fries!)... in the bed.  Thank goodness it is a king and we can strategically sleep around the puke.  Can you say fail again?  Sheesh.  She is so tired so she has no problem falling right back to sleep in my arms.  But in my groggy state I don't think to wipe her mouth so I now have puke on my only t-shirt.  She tosses and turns all night long, letting out random cries here and there.  Normally, my sound machine would block that out... if she even does that normally?  So I was awake pretty much all night.  My towels around my face were starting to be too bulky so I tried a pillowcase.  My head is slightly too large for this idea, but at least it was something on my eyes and tricked me into thinking it was a mask.  I think I may have gotten 1 solid hour, but the rest of the night I was repositioning her, holding her, and listening to the all too quietness of this hotel room.

Fast forward to 6:15am.  I don't feel good.  I smell puke.  Oh wait, it's on my shirt, that's why.  I make my way to the bathroom and puke... a lot.  What did I eat?  Are those fries the culprit for both of us or is it the burger?  Either way, I am hurling in the bathroom while my baby sleeps in a puke bed.  I think I'm done, go back to bed to do some more not-sleeping, and get up 15 minutes later for a whole nother round.  Delightful.  Oh, and I also have crazy chapped lips and cracked corners b/c of the lack of aquaphor.  Awesome.

I need food.  I go downstairs and get free breakfast and on the elevator ride up, Haven starts dry-heaving.  "Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it" is all I can say.  Thankfully she didn't and some nice people helped me get into my room with my breakfast without spilling it.  We get back to the room, Haven has some water, and pukes it write back up.  I talk to my mom and she says not to give her formula b/c she would just throw it back up anyway.  I need pedialyte.  I feel too sick to get in the car and go buy some.  So my sweet friend Bailey left work and brought me some.  Love her.  Turns out Haven is not a fan of that either, and would rather just watch Nickelodeon and go back to sleep.  I was completely fine with this, except I can't sleep when she is resting on me.  I just can't ever get comfortable and actually fall off.  I love the snuggles, but unfortunately can't sleep like that.  And at this point I am desperate for sleep.  My hubby and mother in law came and picked us up so that I wouldn't have to drive home in case either of us got sick again.  Thankfully that didn't happen and I was able to take a nap when we got home and get semi-back to normal.  Big thanks to my wonderful hubby and friends for coming to my rescue throughout this crazy night and morning.  From now on, I might just take my sleep mask and sound machine everywhere I go.  And a change of clothes.  And aquaphor.  Just in case. 

Last Day of Vacation!

I love vacation.  You don't have to jump out of bed in a hurry when the alarm goes off.  You can put your baby in bed with you for some extra snuggle time. :)  How cute are these two?  Still snoozing while I packed us up.

But I didn't miss out on my snuggles!  I bought these big girl pjs (not a onesie) before our trip and about had a moment in Target.  My baby girl is growing up!  I love her so much!

Trying out the hat Grandma bought her... eat your heart out Minnie.

We checked out of the condos and headed to Hollywood Studios.  It was super crowded!  I guess that's what you get on the Saturday of a holiday weekend.  But we still had a great time! 

It was a Star Wars weekend so there were characters everywhere.  This one's for you Aunt Rissa.  Just ignore the random boy.  The line was too long to actually get someone I knew in a picture with him.

We mastered the art of the Fast Pass and got to ride everything we wanted to.  Including this gem!

Posing with Poppy at lunch...

And napping with Daddy minutes later...  He really has the touch.  She rarely does that with me.

It was really hot that day...
...but that didn't keep Haven from doing a little pole dancing.  Ok, so inappropriate I know.  But it was so funny!  She kept using the pole to pull up and she would stand on the table and bounce up and down.  It was hilarious. 

And that concludes our Orlando vacation!  HUGE thanks to Grandma and Poppy for their extreme generosity.  We would never be able to do a trip like this on our own.  We love you guys and had the best time! 

Vaca Day 4 - Magic Kingdom!

Everyone had already been to 2 full days of Magic Kingdom at Disney World before we got there on Wednesday, but Russell and I couldn't be in Orlando and not go to Magic Kingdom!  So while everyone else had an afternoon at the pool, our little family of 3 went to enjoy some Disney magic!  I went to Disney World with my family when I was 12, and then was so fortunate to go back 3 years in a row for pom nationals in high school.  I. Love. Disney.  It can probably be obnoxious to non-fanatics...but I don't care!  Russell was laughing at me b/c I had the biggest smile on my face as soon as I saw that castle.  It just makes me happy!!!  It was so neat thinking back to my last visit there when I was a senior in high school and how much has changed in my life since then!  I brought my daughter to Disney World.  So so so fun.  I know she won't remember it, but we'll have these pictures to look at in the future and I'll be able to tell her all about her first trip to Disney!  Hopefully there will be more kids and more Disney trips in the future! :)

Andra and Ryan let us borrow their backpack and Haven loved it!

He made me hold that pose for what felt like FOREVER b/c the "camera was messing up."  Yeah, right.

Of course we would need to stop so my husband could shoot something.

A fun show at the castle!

Dance party in Tomorrowland with my least favorite Disney character, Stitch!  Lol!  Russell was really hamming it up, it was too funny!

Love.  I mean, it's pink.  Come on.  Perfection.

"Hey guys, check out that castle!" --Haven  Haha!

We stood in line for 10 minutes or so to meet some princesses!  With Tippi Toes princess camp coming up, I was taking some pointers from these ladies! :)  Haven not too sure about Aurora...

More comfortable with Belle...

Cinderella was commenting that Haven lost her shoe too!  Ha!  Love it.  I was also secretly wishing this was Julie Harsha.  :)

Then it was time for the Electric Parade!  We got a great spot on a balcony by the exit so we could scoot out easily as soon as it was over.  I wondered if Haven would fall asleep for this part, but she was SO into it.  Waving, clapping, and watching all the lights.  I loved watching her!

Check out the step-sister trying to get the glass slipper on... that had to get tiring by the end of the parade lol.

We called Poppy, he was there to pick us up in 5 minutes, and we were 3 happy people!  I'll remember this forever!  :)

Vaca Day 4 - Girl Time

Haven had a rough night after all that cake (sugar high?!) and was awake for a couple hours in the middle of the night.  When she finally fell back asleep, she slept in until 10:30!  I was so thankful!  Everyone went golfing that morning except for Grandma, Garner, Haven and I.  So we had a fun girls morning!

Everyone got back from golfing and I managed to catch a brief moment of the 3 cousins together!

Vaca Day 3 - Cake Time!

We got home from another day at Universal to find that Aunt Andra got Haven a cake!  Grayson picked it out and it was so pretty!  She wasn't too sure what to do with it, but as soon as I put a little icing on her lip, she fignured it out pretty quick!  Not a lot of smiley-Haven in these pics... more like super-focused Haven!  She dug in and had some fun.  And so did we!  She will be doing this again the next couple weekends for her 1 year pictures and her birthday party!  I guess she got some good practice on our vacation!  Enjoy!

What I like to call the cake coma...

Monday, May 28, 2012

Vaca Day 3 - Haven's Birthday!

Friday was Haven's 1st birthday!  I have plenty more to say about our sweet girl's big day and the year that got us here, but I'll save that for the last of the month-by-month posts.  We woke up in our condo, put her in the bed with us, and sang Happy Birthday to her.  It was such a sweet moment!  Then she had breakfast in her birthday girl bib!

Then we were off to Universal for another fun-filled day.  The distraction of the theme park was probably a good thing so I didn't turn into an emotional idiot!  Everyone referred to her as "birthday girl" all day and I caught myself looking at the clock all day and thinking about what we were doing at that moment one year ago.  Aside from those sentimental thoughts in my head, I kept it together very well!  We started the day at Harry Potter again and Haven rocked her floppy hat...

This next one is my favorite picture from the trip and high on the list of faves of the 2 of them together...

How cute is this family?...

Haven had a birthday snooze...

And a birthday lunch...

And a birthday family photo...

I love putting "birthday" in front of everything.  It's more special that way!  We spent the later part of the day at the other side of the park doing The Mummy, Men In Black, Twister, and a giant rollercoaster where you got to select a song to listen to for the ride.  We ended earlier today with dinner at the condo and a cake for Haven!  Yep, that's the next post!