Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 Months Old!

Dear Haven,

Time is flying!  I think I say that way too much, but it's true!  I am loving every minute with you and am trying to soak it up b/c I know you won't be so little for long!  Here's a few notes about you at 2 months... You are a really good eater!  Easy for Mommy and easy for you.  Sometimes you pig out a little too much and decide to puke all over me, but that's ok.  At your doctor appt at 8 weeks, you were 10 lbs and 22 1/2 in long.  We think you're a long little booger!  Daddy and I joke that you may end up taller than both of us!  (But let's face it, that isn't that hard!)  You are staying awake more during the day and showing us your adorable smiles and sweet coos.  You still sleep a lot during the day too, but you're not a huge fan of the crib yet.  You will nap in the swing or on the boppy next to me, but your favorite place is in my arms (mine too!).  You still make the funniest faces while you sleep and you grunt a lot too.  You are pure entertainment!  You love bath time now, a far cry from that first one when you screamed your head off.  You stay up (or nap) with Daddy at night while I sleep, and after he feeds you, you sleep about 5-6 hours, sometimes more when we're lucky!  This past week I left you with Daddy or Grandma long enough for them to do a feeding.  I was a little nervous, but you did great!  I missed you though.  I am SO thankful that my job allows me to stay home with you, because I can't imagine dropping you off somewhere every day!  You are a happy baby and bring nothing but joy to Daddy and me.  We are getting ready for your first road trip to meet the rest of your great-grandparents!  I'm hoping you will be a happy baby in the car for so many hours too!  Haven Jane, you are precious, sweet, funny, happy, and simply adorable.  Daddy and I love you so much!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Play Date!

Last week Haven and I went on our first play date!  There were 5 of us, all with kids ages 2 and under.  It was so fun swapping Mommy/baby stories and just hanging out!  My sweet friend Emily and I had due dates within 2 weeks of each other, so we so enjoyed sharing maternity clothes, comparing aches and pains, and watching our tummies grow.  I just knew when Haven came 4 weeks early that our kids were going to be spaced out a little more.  But then Emily ended up having Beckett early too, so they are just over 2 weeks apart!  We are kinda thinking arranged marriage... but Beckett still needs some convincing... Ha!

I thought her outfit was appropriate, "I have a play date!"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cousinly Love

Last weekend Russell's sister and her family were in town so we got to spend some time with them!  I actually got in a swimsuit (yikes! doesn't quite fit like it used to!) and the water felt soooo good in this crazy heat.  Haven's cousin Grayson is a little fish!  He has no fear and will jump off the diving board like it's no big deal.  Garner likes the water too!  Here's some pics from our splash time! 

See what I mean about no fear?

She loves it!

Copper decided the water felt good too!

How cute is this girl?!

I thought this was so cute, Copper watching Poppy push Grayson on the swing!

While we swam, Daddy and Haven got a great Sunday afternoon nap!

Then it was time for the cousin pictures.  I had a weird full-circle moment while we were doing this...  I am like Grayson, the oldest cousin.  And I distinctively remember every Christmas or big get together, piling all the cousins together for pictures and I always held the smallest baby.  B/c I was the most responsible of course!  I remember just smiling and smiling and smiling as my mom and aunts would take pictures and pictures and pictures.  Grayson just kept saying "cheese" over and over as Andra and I snapped as many pictures as possible in hopes of getting a good one of all 3 kids.  It seems like yesterday all my cousins and I were doing this, and now I am posing my child for these pictures!  Crazy!  And once my siblings have children (a long time from now, right guys?!), Haven will always be the one holding the smallest baby... just like I was.  The circle of life is just too much fun!  I love it!  

Probably the best one I got of all 3 kids. :)

I thought Grayson looked cute here, but Haven is pissed! Ha!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let's Play Dress-up!

So I'm not gonna lie... I am having a ball dressing my pretty girl in pretty clothes!  All of which I did not purchase myself!  Thank you family and friends for making my girl so stylish!  Funny how I could care less about clothes for me, but so enjoy them for her!  Maybe it's the way smaller sizes.  Ha!  We've been venturing out a lot lately so we've had lots of opportunities to play dress-up!  Check her out!

This adorable onesie is from Sew Many Ties

And just for fun...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is that Peter Pan?!

Why, yes!  Yes it is!  It's also my sweet husband and Haven's proud Daddy!  Why is he Peter Pan you ask?!  Every year our church does a series called At The Movies and each location decorates (aka transforms) their lobby into a movie or theme.  Then our pastor turns current movies into sermons, using clips from the 147 hours, Book of Eli, and we'll see what this weekend has in store!  It's pretty cool!  So this year our location turned our lobby into scenes from Peter Pan!  Here is a pic of Peter and the AWESOME pirate ship in our lobby!

I wish I had more pictures, but it is complete with the lost boys hideout, tiger lily's teepee, skull rock, the tic-toc croc, wendy's house, and more!  I am amazed every year at the creativity of the staff and the execution of their ideas!  I think they have outdone themselves for this year!  And it wouldn't be complete without the staff dressing up as characters from the movie!  So the OBVIOUS choice for my husband was Peter Pan!  Right?!  Fits the part perfectly wouldn't you say?!  Looks just like him...not to mention the youth pastor should be the boy that never grows up!  Ha!

A different day, but more pics of Haven at church with Peter Pan!  And Mommy of course :)

We both managed to get one with her yawning, what are the odds?

To see it in person, come check it out in Tulsa at 121st between Memorial and Sheridan.  Or the Midtown or Owasso campus too!  They each have their own theme!  You can also catch church online here.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

She just gets cuter...

 by the minute!!!  I just can't stop taking pictures of her either!  In the words of Steven Tyler, "I don't wanna miss a thing!"  Yes, I am a super cheese-ball.  And I have a strange, unhealthy love for rockstars like Steven Tyler and Bret Michaels.  But back to Haven...  I can feel the time flying by so I figure if I take lots.. ok, hundreds... of pictures, then I'll be able to look back when she's older and remember her oh-so-tiny-cute-cuddly-ness!  Here's some pictures of my sweet girl over the past couple weeks...

Working on a smile?!


Gammie & Bozzy came for the 4th of July weekend!

First restaurant experience, success!

My summer girl on the 4th of July!  Yes, that is a spaghetti strap onesie!

So sweet!

Playing dress-up in her gift from Great Uncle Rick and Deeann!  This to-die-for skirt is from Sydney, Australia! 

6 weeks old here!

Funny face!


She did not want to take a pic with Mommy!

First restaurant experience just the 3 of us!  Sushi, yum!

Made me feel better... she didn't want a picture with Daddy either!  Ha!
Kissy faces!  Excuse my pjs!

Saturday morning, hanging out with my favorite girl!