Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cousinly Love

Last weekend Russell's sister and her family were in town so we got to spend some time with them!  I actually got in a swimsuit (yikes! doesn't quite fit like it used to!) and the water felt soooo good in this crazy heat.  Haven's cousin Grayson is a little fish!  He has no fear and will jump off the diving board like it's no big deal.  Garner likes the water too!  Here's some pics from our splash time! 

See what I mean about no fear?

She loves it!

Copper decided the water felt good too!

How cute is this girl?!

I thought this was so cute, Copper watching Poppy push Grayson on the swing!

While we swam, Daddy and Haven got a great Sunday afternoon nap!

Then it was time for the cousin pictures.  I had a weird full-circle moment while we were doing this...  I am like Grayson, the oldest cousin.  And I distinctively remember every Christmas or big get together, piling all the cousins together for pictures and I always held the smallest baby.  B/c I was the most responsible of course!  I remember just smiling and smiling and smiling as my mom and aunts would take pictures and pictures and pictures.  Grayson just kept saying "cheese" over and over as Andra and I snapped as many pictures as possible in hopes of getting a good one of all 3 kids.  It seems like yesterday all my cousins and I were doing this, and now I am posing my child for these pictures!  Crazy!  And once my siblings have children (a long time from now, right guys?!), Haven will always be the one holding the smallest baby... just like I was.  The circle of life is just too much fun!  I love it!  

Probably the best one I got of all 3 kids. :)

I thought Grayson looked cute here, but Haven is pissed! Ha!

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