Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is that Peter Pan?!

Why, yes!  Yes it is!  It's also my sweet husband and Haven's proud Daddy!  Why is he Peter Pan you ask?!  Every year our church does a series called At The Movies and each location decorates (aka transforms) their lobby into a movie or theme.  Then our pastor turns current movies into sermons, using clips from the 147 hours, Book of Eli, and we'll see what this weekend has in store!  It's pretty cool!  So this year our location turned our lobby into scenes from Peter Pan!  Here is a pic of Peter and the AWESOME pirate ship in our lobby!

I wish I had more pictures, but it is complete with the lost boys hideout, tiger lily's teepee, skull rock, the tic-toc croc, wendy's house, and more!  I am amazed every year at the creativity of the staff and the execution of their ideas!  I think they have outdone themselves for this year!  And it wouldn't be complete without the staff dressing up as characters from the movie!  So the OBVIOUS choice for my husband was Peter Pan!  Right?!  Fits the part perfectly wouldn't you say?!  Looks just like him...not to mention the youth pastor should be the boy that never grows up!  Ha!

A different day, but more pics of Haven at church with Peter Pan!  And Mommy of course :)

We both managed to get one with her yawning, what are the odds?

To see it in person, come check it out in Tulsa at 121st between Memorial and Sheridan.  Or the Midtown or Owasso campus too!  They each have their own theme!  You can also catch church online here.

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  1. I always loved when it was At the Movies time at the Stillwater campus! Russell makes a great Peter Pan, and Haven is the cutest yawner I've ever seen. :)