Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Extras from Shower Weekend!

Perk of being a dance company owner: extra costumes!

Trying to get her to cheese and I just happened to get this instead!  And in a sassy outfit no less!

How sweet is this?!

She loves her Aunt Rissa!

They're silly.

Run, Haven, Run!

In deep discussion about that baby's braided hair, I'm sure.
Great trip to LA as usual!  Love my family!

A Shower for Marissa!

What a fun shower for my sister thrown by our Great Aunt Florence, Aunt Martha, and cousin Lara!  It was an eventful day with car trouble and a TIRED Haven, but still a blast!  I loved celebrating my sister and watching her open a bunch of pretty things!  Less than 2 months til the wedding!

The gorgeous bride-to-be!

A sweet gift in honor of Meme. :)

I have LOTS more pictures like this.  Thanks Lara! ;)


Told you she was tired.

Almost half of the cousins!


Monday, May 20, 2013


My sweet little girl is quite the talker.  It's getting easier and easier to communicate because her vocabulary is exploding!  But sometimes she will just be in her own little world and talk... and talk... and talk.  See for yourself!  Listen for "Go Pokes!" in the 3rd video.  Yes, we're teaching her early. :)  The things she thinks of when she rambles...

Mother's Day

I probably said this last year, but I think Mother's Day is my favorite holiday.  Maybe it's because it's still new to me, but it's pretty much the best day ever.  My hubby took care of everything that day - I didn't prepare a meal, change a diaper, or do a chore!  It was fabulous!  It was also the day after my Tippi Toes recital so it was the perfect day to just relax.  We skyped with Gammie and Bozzy, went to church, spent the afternoon at the in-laws, and they watched Haven so we could go see a movie that night.  A perfect day!  So thankful that I get to be Mommy to such a precious little girl and even more thankful to all the women that have had such an impact on me - most importantly, my own sweet Mom!  Happy Mother's Day 2013!

Isn't this supposed to me? Ha!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The rest of our trip...

Our trip to my parents' house was a quick one, but I stayed true to form and took LOTS of pictures!  Haven was super snuggly with Bozzy (Biyah!) this trip, as you will see!  We had a blast as usual!

Hula skirts just because.

This is Haven pretending to have wings like Tinkerbell. Ha!

Best purchase ever by Gammie.  Little baby princesses!  She was in heaven!

We are so lucky to get hand me downs so I rarely buy Haven clothes, but I actually purchased this outfit!

I think she likes it!  Or just being outside like always. :)

Tired girl...

loves her Biyah!


Daddy getting in on the snuggles!

She's obviously my child.

Have I mentioned that we love the "pawk?"

Haven saved some snuggles for Gammie too.

Love G&G!

She loves him so!  Makes my heart happy!