Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Look Who Graduated!

My not-so-little brother graduated from high school earlier this month!  I can't believe it.  Where has the time gone?!  He looked so handsome in his grad-garb (especially those top 10% cords!) and we are all so proud of him!  Haven hasn't been able to say his name quite yet, but this trip it came out "Seepoo!" Haha!  So at the ceremony, she would clap and say "Yay Seepoo!"  Love it.  He is the best Uncle and Haven adores him.  So excited for what's in store for this future LSU Tiger!  Dropping Hint:  Little bro, take your sisters to a football game this Fall, ok?!

This girl was an absolute angel at the ceremony!  Thank goodness!


Should have put my heels back on for this sibling pic...

Wish "Naytan" could have been there and got in this pic!

Remember when you used to wish you were as tall as me?!

I have a pic like this with my sister so I made him pose for it too! Ha!

Best grad gift ever!  Candy bar bouquet!

Spencer, SO proud of you and love you SO much!!!  Way to go!!!

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  1. y'all are adorable! so crazy to think Spencer has graduated!