Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Backyard!

Haven is LOVING the outdoors lately which is so great for her, but so unfortunate for my pale, hot-natured self.  One of the first "fits" she threw last week was when she wanted to go outside and we told her no.  This girl seriously loves the outdoors!  Since she started walking, I have been reluctant to let her play in our backyard for a few reasons, but mainly for fear that she would accidentally get in to dog poop.  Ha!  And it's just been so stinkin' hot that I knew I would be miserable after 5 seconds and she would want to stay out there forever.  

Well, this morning she was just looking so cute touching the back door and repeating "uh" in the form of a question.  So I said "ok, let's go get your shoes on and you can go outside."  She practically shuddered with excitement.  Ran (speed-walked?) to her room, anxious for me to put her shoes on.  Did I mention she LOVES shoes too?  Girly-girl and outdoorsy!  Lol!  Anyway, she walked from the patio out into the grass where she eventually plopped on her bottom and made the funniest face feeling the grass.  (She has made this face every time she has been in grass!).  Then she proceeded to climb onto the deck, walk around, and then want help off the deck... and repeat.  We did that for a while, then she thought she would join Copper on the walkway by the fence.  Copper is smart... it was in the shade, and the walkway was probably the coolest thing on his hot body. 

I finally convinced her to go back in by saying "let's go get some water!"  Her eyes lit up and she followed me in the house.  It was a nice little 30 minute outing and I came in sweating profusely (and probably sunburned).  She of course took a few sips of her water and then wanted to go right back out... insert mini-fit.  I just ignored it and she started playing with something else.  Crisis averted!  Although I feel like I have started something and she is going to start asking to go outside more than ever!  Better get my deodorant ready... and maybe copy my Dad and start sporting a sweat towel.  Here's a couple pics from our morning!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Haven & Luke

Last weekend we went to one of Russell's cousin's baby showers in Enid.  It was so good to see family and catch up with everyone!  All the dads, uncles, brothers, etc. and babies (Haven was the only girl!) congregated together while the women were at the baby shower.  I was told that Haven was walking all over the house with Luke crawling right behind her!  :)  After the shower, we reunited with the boys and babies.  Here's a pic of Mandi and I with our babes!

Aunt Sherri has a homemade ball pit in her backyard!  What a fabulous idea!  These cuties were loving it...

Haven loved it so much that even after Luke got out, she didn't want to leave!

Really into finding her belly button lately :)

Just doing a whole bunch of non-lady-like things... heel stretch! :)

Then little Caleb got in on the action!  Caleb is Mandi's brother Matt (best man in our wedding) and Amy's cute little 4 month old!

Then Haven still didn't want to get out!  I'm thinking I need to make myself a ball pit!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Aunt Rissa came to visit!

Where I have I been, you ask?  Working my tail off to get our Tippi Toes dance classes ready to start next week!  I still have plenty to do on that front, but I'm taking a break to blog!  I realized I never posted pictures from Aunt Rissa's visit a couple weeks ago!  She LOVES Haven so much and I always love every second of time we get to all spend together!  I also love the times when she insists on babysitting so Russell and I can go on a date!  And also the times when she helps around the house or with Haven so I can get things done!  Ok, I could go on and on about how much I love her coming to visit.  The only thing I don't love is when my camera decides to be blurry all the time!  Must have been a bad lighting/no flash combo.  Oh well, look past the blurriness for some sweet moments from her visit!

They read books together...
Sat on the floor and ate cookies together...

Made funny faces together... Haven is a champ at the one Aunt Rissa is doing...

Aunt Rissa put funny things on Haven's head...

A couple sweet Daddy moments too... Haven adores him!

Back to Aunt Rissa and funny things on Haven's head... She would cry when we took these pj bottoms off of her head!  Haha!

Sassy girl!

She also showed off her cell phone talking skills for Aunt Rissa...

This girl can carry on quite the babbling phone conversation, complete with realistic pauses and the cutest "Hi!" you've ever heard!

Thanks for coming to visit Aunt Rissa!  We love you so much!  We will be thinking of other things we can put on our head...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Orleans Trip, The Last Part I Promise!

I told you I took a lot of pictures!  Here's the last ones!

Books with Bozzy...

Box time with Bozzy!


This picture really makes me laugh for some reason...

She LOVES walking in shoes! 

Football with Bozzy!  A hit!

Love this one!

Have to document this hair...

Playing with Bozzy...

Watching youtube videos like this one with Gammie...

Watching the Olympics a little too closely...
 Time for tea!

 Walking and talking on the phone!  Sometimes it's on her ear, sometimes her back!  Haha!

More cake! 

 Down, set, hut!

 Tickling Bozzy's foot!  She got a kick out of this!

Love these girls!

 Another staring contest...

I've got your toes!

We had a wonderful trip!!!  The only good thing about coming home was getting to see Russell since he didn't get to come with us.  We missed each other lots and Skyped as much as we could!  Haven even tried to kiss the computer screen the first time.  Too cute!  I should also document that we flew and I was kinda dreading it.  But she did SO good!  She made friends with everyone around us and kept them entertained with her talking and giggles.  Only a couple fusses on 1 flight, but the rest were peaceful as can be!  Not to mention I got some sweet snuggles with her on my lap for big chunks of time.  Since she's on the go, that is hard to come by these days!  So I enjoyed every minute.  Big thanks to Gammie, Bozzy, and Uncle Spencer for such a wonderful and relaxing visit!  Love you all so much!!!  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Orleans Trip, The Part with the Beach!

Finally, as promised...beach pictures!  Haven was unsure about the sand at first and needed to hold a hand to work her way through it.  The first time she fell and put her hands down, she was so confused and not excited!  What is this stuff on my hands?!?  We showed her how to smack them together and get it off.  But that wasn't good enough for her.  She managed to figure out how to fall (plop on her bottom) without putting her hands down!  I wish I would have taken video!  It was too funny!  She eventually got the hang of it and didn't want to leave!  I think she would have just walked right out into the ocean if we'd let her!  That's my adventurous girl!  Like her daddy!  :)

Should have put Uncle Spencer's footprint next to ours to give some perspective... I wear a 5 1/2 and Haven is still in size 2 (6-12 month) baby shoes!  We girls have tiny feet!
 I'll let the rest speak for themselves... :)

When we got home, Uncle Spencer's birthday celebration continued!  Here's Haven with his card...

Birthday boy!

Amazed by the candles!

Go Uncle Spencer!

And of course Haven gets to share in the cake!