Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Backyard!

Haven is LOVING the outdoors lately which is so great for her, but so unfortunate for my pale, hot-natured self.  One of the first "fits" she threw last week was when she wanted to go outside and we told her no.  This girl seriously loves the outdoors!  Since she started walking, I have been reluctant to let her play in our backyard for a few reasons, but mainly for fear that she would accidentally get in to dog poop.  Ha!  And it's just been so stinkin' hot that I knew I would be miserable after 5 seconds and she would want to stay out there forever.  

Well, this morning she was just looking so cute touching the back door and repeating "uh" in the form of a question.  So I said "ok, let's go get your shoes on and you can go outside."  She practically shuddered with excitement.  Ran (speed-walked?) to her room, anxious for me to put her shoes on.  Did I mention she LOVES shoes too?  Girly-girl and outdoorsy!  Lol!  Anyway, she walked from the patio out into the grass where she eventually plopped on her bottom and made the funniest face feeling the grass.  (She has made this face every time she has been in grass!).  Then she proceeded to climb onto the deck, walk around, and then want help off the deck... and repeat.  We did that for a while, then she thought she would join Copper on the walkway by the fence.  Copper is smart... it was in the shade, and the walkway was probably the coolest thing on his hot body. 

I finally convinced her to go back in by saying "let's go get some water!"  Her eyes lit up and she followed me in the house.  It was a nice little 30 minute outing and I came in sweating profusely (and probably sunburned).  She of course took a few sips of her water and then wanted to go right back out... insert mini-fit.  I just ignored it and she started playing with something else.  Crisis averted!  Although I feel like I have started something and she is going to start asking to go outside more than ever!  Better get my deodorant ready... and maybe copy my Dad and start sporting a sweat towel.  Here's a couple pics from our morning!


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