Friday, September 7, 2012

15 Months Old!

So I have been missing my monthly Haven posts and feel the need to document some of the day-to-day happenings of my sweet 15 month old.  Where to start?  Maybe the most exciting thing... about the time Haven started walking, she started waking up multiple times a night.  Up until then, I didn't mind the sweet middle-of-the-night rocking snuggles (and sometimes bottle! yikes!) every once in a while.  But when it started happening multiple times every night and sweet snuggles turned into crying struggles, the two exhausted parents in this house decided something had to change!  So we decided to do some sleep training.  Gasp!  I never thought I would let Haven cry it out... if I could help her back to sleep, that is what I was going to do.  But when I felt like everything I tried wasn't working anymore, I was no longer "helping" her back to sleep.  All 3 of us were just getting frustrated.  So after much prayer, research, and encouragement from other moms (thanks Cheyenne and Sarah!), we took the plunge.  She cried for an hour the first night (while I watched Bachelor Pad on the computer with headphones and Russell checked on her every 10-15 minutes b/c I couldn't handle it), 15 minutes the 2nd night, and 2 minutes the 3rd night.  Ever since then, she is quiet within seconds of us laying her down... both for naps and bedtime.  And she sleeps 11-12 hours a night now!  It is glorious.  Like beyond glorious.  We are all rested, happy, and excited to see each other in the morning.  As Russell has said, "why didn't we do this sooner?!"  Go Haven!!!  We are so proud of you!!!

Now for some stats... still a tiny girl at 20 lbs 4 oz  and 30.5 in tall at her most recent appointment.  Despite being a tiny thing, she is an incredible eater.  Just shovels it in!  I think she must have her Daddy's metabolism.  Some of her favorites include any kind of pasta with tomato sauce, green beans, peas, carrots, cheese, bread, and most of all any and every kind of fruit except pineapple.  She absolutely devours blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, bananas, and peaches.  A girl after my own heart!  She is still in some 12 months clothes, but is transitioning into 18 months clothes now.  She loves to wear shoes, go outside, "talk" on the cell phone, skype with Gammie and Bozzy, read books, and shake her booty.  Oh and play in the dog food... sigh.  It is a daily battle!  She can say mama, dada, hi, dah for dog, bye bye, and lots of other crazy sounds that probably mean something but I haven't translated them yet.  She can sign please, more, and all done which is extremely helpful at times.  She is super affectionate with us, willingly giving hugs and kisses all day long.  It's the best ever.  She is the best animal sounds imitator I have ever heard.  We can say the name of the animal and she does the sound.  It is pretty impressive... her list of impressions include monkey, lion, tiger, snake, dolphin, whale (yes, I said whale!), cow, pig... if I think of more I'll let you know.  I'm telling ya, she's a genius!  Lol! :)

The not-so-fun part... she is starting to throw fits!  Yikes!  Shaking her head, stomping her feet, and screaming.  Insert the hardest part of parenting thus far - discipline.  Thankfully just ignoring it has squelched most of it, but in public it is so hard!  So I try to just recognize the signs of a meltdown and get out of there before it happens!  Haha!  She is also the queen of the "stank face."  She frowns, scrunches her nose, and purses her lips... lately every time she comes in contact with pretty much anyone!  I wish she'd show off her pretty smile than do that, but what can you do?!  Hopefully it will pass.  She used to LOVE the bath until a couple weeks ago and now that is a huge struggle.  I am hoping it is just a phase!  She also refuses to drink milk out of a sippy cup.  So we still have bottles in our house!  Our pediatrician said it's very common and not to worry, will resolve itself eventually!  I think that's the only semi-negative things I can say about this sweet girl... she truly is such a joy and I thank God every day for blessing us with her!  We love you Haven!

I think one good reason for not doing monthly updates is because getting her to sit still, look at the camera, and maybe crack a smile is pretty much impossible!  Here's what I got this time...

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  1. I think over your head is a great place for a 15 Months banner, personally. She is just stinkin' cute, and that's all there is to it!