Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Fun: Part 2!

The next day of our trip was my sweet Gran's birthday!  What a wonderful lady who deserved a wonderful day!  So glad we could be there to celebrate!  Unfortunately, I am a LOSER and didn't get one single picture of her on her day!  Boo!  Happy Birthday Gran!  I love you!  And I promise Haven does too even though she gives you that frowny face all the time!! :)

So sweet with Bozzy...  by the way, I promise other people were around on this day but this post is kinda the Haven and Bozzy show!
Showing off those ruffle bloomers :)
Aunt Rissa took my camera for this photo-shoot...

Love seeing Haven in the neighborhood where I grew up!  So special!

In awe of Bozzy making a noise through some grass...
Aunt Rissa gettin' artistic...
Random trip to see a movie set of the White House in Shreveport!  Pretty cool!
The house I grew up in... LOVE this place!  I can't believe how big that magnolia tree is!  Wonder if the people that live there now found my name written in the closet...
See, I told you Gammie was there too!
And Uncle Spencer!
Giving a pickle a try... we all thought she would make a funny face... nope, she LOVED it!
Chowing down on some "rolled up corn!"  I'm telling ya, this girl has an appetite!
 Sharing some cake and sweet snuggles with Bozzy...

One more half-day of our trip left plus a special photo session in a special dress... coming soon!

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