Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Photo-Shoot #2

If there was a Christmas Photo-shoot #1, you know there's got to be a Christmas Photo-shoot #2!  Enjoy!

Christmas Morning 2011

Haven's 1st Christmas was wonderful!  She is sleeping in a crib in our room so when she woke up we just put her in the bed with us.  We talked and giggled and smooched.  I had a moment.  You only get a child's 1st Christmas morning once!  I took it all in, loved watching Russell with her, and welled up with tears.  I love my little family so much and cherish every moment with my sweet girl.  Especially the extra-special ones like her 1st Christmas morning.  Hopefully God will bless us with more children in the future and their 1st Christmas mornings will be just as special, but I will never forget those sweet moments with my first baby girl on her 1st Christmas.

Happy girl on Christmas morning in LA!

Uh oh!  Look out!  She's already eyeing the moolah!

Her favorite was pulling the tissue paper out of the sack!  She did better with that than pulling on wrapping paper. :)

Showing Havey-baby their pictures present...

Aunt Rissa can have coffee with Havey-baby every morning! :)

This cupcake tree will get lots of use at birthday parties in the future...

Where Haven spent her morning watching us open gifts...

Haven loves Bozzy!  He always gets some smiles out of her...

I love this girl SO much!

Christmas Eve 2011

For the first time since we've been married, we got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family!  We got Haven all dressed up in her pretty Christmas dress and headed across Lake Ponchartrain to Libby's (my Dad's step-mom) house for Christmas Eve!  It was a wonderful evening!  I kept thinking several times how it would have only been better had Papa Cec been around to enjoy it with us.  We miss him!  I know he would have loved Havey-baby so much.  Russell got to town earlier in the day so we were so happy to have Daddy back!  We had a great meal... first course was a crab and corn bisque.  A little spicy for me (I'm weak!), but absolutely delicious!!!  Russell had 4 (yes 4!) bowls.  Then we had a whole meal after that!  Well, Russell didn't b/c he was already full!  Ha!  Poor Havey-baby got pretty upset as it was past her normal bedtime.  She eventually fell asleep there and then we had to get her home and do another bedtime.  It was a great evening full of love and great food!   

Christmas Photo-shoot #1

If you read my blog, you know I love taking pictures of my precious baby girl!  My mom had the idea of getting Havey-baby in her diaper and putting a Santa hat on her.  I had some little red panties from her Christmas dress which made it even better!  My sister has an awesome red door as her headboard, and her black and white bedspread made the perfect backdrop!  Enjoy Christmas photo-shoot #1! :)