Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Decor

Trying to get caught up while on vacation!  Hopefully several posts on the way...  here it goes!  We finally upgraded to a big Christmas tree!  Our little 4-footer wasn't going to make for good pictures with Havey-baby!  I love this one!  We have special ornaments given to us by my parents and grandparents for something significant that happened to us each year... engagement, marriage, buying a home, etc. so this year we have a few baby's 1st Christmas ornaments!  So fun!  I love pulling them out every year and thinking back to the reason behind the ornament, and I know for years to come I will love looking at Haven's first ornaments.  I tackled a project this year (kinda proud of myself for being crafty!) and made the ornament decoration over the mantle.  I glitter sprayed a frame from hobby lobby, strung some wire, and hung the ornaments!  I think it turned out great and can be used for other things in the future like holding Haven's artwork, snapshots, etc.  Poor Copper got down-graded to an actual dog stocking this year so Haven could have the 3rd pretty one!  When we add another member to our family (hopefully not anytime soon!), we'll have to get some new stockings!

My pretty girl in front of the Christmas tree... we'll have to take some more when we get home from our trip to LA!

My husband would love to be "that neighbor" with the crazy Christmas lights.  Every year we add a little more and I'm sure at some point I will be embarrassed.  But for now, I think they look great and tasteful! Great work honey!

Had to take baby girl out to look at them!  I love this picture! :)

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