Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Haven's 1st Airplane Experience!

Warning:  No pictures!  Shocking, I know.

So yesterday Havey-baby and I traveled BY OURSELVES for Haven's first airplane experience!  Russell had to stay behind, but will join us in New Orleans with my family by Christmas Eve if not sooner.  Then we'll take the loooong car ride home together... plan on breaking it up though so it shouldn't be bad.  Heck, we're all used to it!  Back to the flying... I was excited b/c that meant less travel time, seeing my family sooner, etc.  But I was SO anxious about how she was going to do on the plane... didn't want her to be "that crying baby" that wouldn't shut up.  I am so concerned with not bothering others, not having people wait on me, etc too a fault almost so this was really concerning me!  How was I going to keep up with her and all our stuff with just 2 hands?  Don't want to jinx any future trips and brag, but it all went pretty great!

I strapped Haven to me when we first got to the airport.  Panic attack when the lady checking us in asked for proof of age for Haven... what?! No one told me I had to have this!  I probably would have had something in my purse... but I took the necessities out of it and left the purse at home for one less thing to carry!  So note to any moms that haven't flown with children under 2 yet... or my friends that will eventually have kids... bring something with your child's age on it to the airport!  Birth certificate, shot record, etc.  Thankfully they didn't fine me b/c she's obviously under 2 years old, but next time I will be prepared!  We made it through security where I got to walk through the less invasive metal detector, but then she pulled me aside... wiped my hands... stuck the cloth in some "explosives testing" machine... and we were clear!  So weird.  But better safe than sorry I guess!  I managed to buy a Quizno's lunch and eat it all with Haven strapped to me.  Talent, I tell you! 

Southwest does not do pre-boarding for families anymore... womp womp waaaahhhh.  They do a "family boarding" after group A.  Well the flight is like 75% full after group A!  But I won't talk any smack b/c I love no baggage fees. :)  We ended up close to the back in the aisle with an empty seat next to us, a grandpa by the window, and a grandma across the aisle.  Perfect traveling situation.  2 people on either side that have kids that have kids and have done this before.  They just gawked over Haven and loved watching her.  I wanted her to take a nap... she refused, but thankfully played happily in my lap with some toys I brought for her for the entire flight.  One down, one to go.

Plan was to get to Dallas, find whatever secluded place I could, and feed her during the layover... plan aborted.  Our first flight was late so when we made it to our next gate, they were already boarding!  So we literally walked off one plane and on to the next.  Nice to not have to wait, but I was panicing about the feeding situation!  Was I going to have to feed her on the plane?!  I had my cover and would do it if I had to.  As I'm trying to find a seat, the pilot says, "this is a completely full flight so please don't skip over those middle seats!"  Are you kidding me?!  I might have to feed her and it's a full flight?!?  So I went for the window seat in the back for some privacy... you know, in case an unexpected flashing did occur.  Girl in her early 20s sits in the aisle... cool, I'm ok with that.  Fast forward to the plane looking completely full and me thinking "Ah!  I got lucky!  Nobody next to me!"  And then in comes this super tall, bald, burly guy... and where does he sit?!  In the 1 seat left, next to me!!  Panic mode.  I can't feed her with this guy next to me!!  Logistically b/c of space reasons and comfortably b/c of the awkwardness! 

This is where the story could take an awful, my-biggest-concern turn... but thankfully it doesn't!  Haven was a bit fussy while we were still at the gate, but passed out in my lap right before take-off.  Thankfully, she slept the entire flight!  Fears averted, big guy next to me not annoyed, and I didn't have to whip the boob out.  Yes, I just wrote that. 

We were so excited to see Bozzy!!!  Well, a just-woke-up and hungry Haven wasn't that excited.  But she was a new baby after I fed her in the parking lot.  :)  All in all, a great first flying experience for Havey-baby!  Sad I don't have pictures... but one Mom traveling by herself can only do so much!  Lots of fun Christmas stuff ahead!  Can't wait for Daddy to get here in a few days, but SO enjoying every minute being here.  Nice to have longer than a weekend this time.  Perfect timing... Haven just woke up from her nap!  Safe travels everyone!     

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