Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa Baby

This morning we took Haven to meet Santa at Bass Pro!  Russell loved this outing because of the latter, obviously!  I loved it b/c it was free and they give you the picture right away!  We stood in line and watched newborns to adults take pictures with Santa.  We witnessed a bunch of cuties smiling happily and several absolute meltdowns... why wasn't I taking pictures of them too?!  Darn.  Haven did great!  No smiles, but no tears so I call that a success!  And WOW, how tiny does she look with jolly ole' Saint Nick?!  I'm glad, because just in the past few days she seems so big to me all of the sudden!  After pictures, we strapped her to Daddy and looked at all the Bass Pro goodies.  I wonder if she was as bored as I was?!  Sorry Russell!  I should also mention that in the past few days she has really started jabbering a ton!  "Lo-lo-lo-lo" and what sounds to me like "ma-ma-ma-ma!"  Maybe a video coming soon.  Until then, enjoy our Santa visit!

Picture of a picture..


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