Sunday, December 25, 2011


As you know from my airplane post, Haven and I arrived in New Orleans on Tuesday!  One of the first things each family member has said when seeing her for the first time (including all her great-grandparents on Skype) is "oh my goodness, she's finally getting more hair!"  So I figured it was worth a post.  Still nowhere near putting a bow in her hair or anything like that, but it's finally enough that I feel like I can use the little soft baby comb thing on her head and not feel like an idiot.  

The other night she was playing in the exersaucer at my parents' house and slobbered all over one of the toys.  Then she rubbed her head up against it enough to get her hair wet!  Couldn't pass up these pics!  I'm talking major slobber... check out the toy and her shirt!  She was drenched!  Sweet girl...

And a couple more cute pics just for fun...

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