Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fun at Bozzy & Gammie's House!

I have been looking forward to this LONG visit for a LONG time, as I know my parents and siblings have been too!  We were without Russell for a few days, but Haven has had plenty of people loving on her!  Bozzy and Gammie have fun toys at their house too!  We've all been taking turns making Havey-baby smile and she never fails to keep us smiling!  We've been relaxing, giggling, playing with toys, napping, acting like idiots, cleaning up a couple blow-outs, eating, dancing, and on and on.  We've even run some errands to give different family members one-on-one time with Haven.  Uncle Spencer (my little brother! Ah!) even had some solo babysitting time!  We are having a great trip and I don't want it to end!  Here's some pre-Christmas pics of our trip so far...

Tasting Bozzy's leg hair!  Yuck!  Ha!

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