Friday, April 29, 2011

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

Between work with Tippi Toes and serving in the children's ministry at church, I have direct contact with kids ages 18 months - 12 years every single day of the week.  This makes for some interesting and entertaining conversations in everyday life, but add a growing belly to the mix and the comments from kids are just hilarious!  I love their honesty and innocence.  I wish I could remember all the funny things I've heard, but I thought I'd share a few that I can remember!

"Miss Brittany, why is your belly kinda fat?" -Ivie, 4 year old Tippi Toes dancer.  If you've seen my facebook, this is the same silly girl that when changing into her dance clothes one day exclaimed, "I'm a nudey-patootie!"  She's crazy!

9 year old girl at church: "Miss Brittany, are you pregnant?"  Me: "Yes I am." 9 year old: "Oh, good.  I didn't think you could be that fat."

"Does your baby like this song?  Is she dancing in there like us?" -Kaelyn, 4 year old Tippi Toes dancer.  I get a version of this one almost every dance class!

This one is from today... Elke (4 year old Tippi Toes dancer): "What's in there?" Me: "A baby!" Elke:  "It looks like a big fat ball under your shirt."  Me: "Well...thanks Elke."  Elke:  "How did the baby get in there?"  Me:  Pause... "God put her in there."  Elke:  "What?!  How did He get her in there?"  Me: "Ummm... God can do anything!  It's kinda like magic I guess."  Elke:  "Ooooh ok."  Me:  Relieved that she was ok with that answer!  Haha!

There are so many more but I can't remember them!  That these little ones keep me entertained is an understatement!  I love them and love all our funny interactions!  I'm sure there will be more to come as my belly keeps growing and growing and GROWING!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Showers Continued!

This past weekend my mom, sister, and grandparents came in town for 2 more baby showers!  It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but so so so fun!!!  We are truly blessed by the overwhelming generosity of all our sweet friends and family!  Baby Haven is ALL SET!  Now the challenge is trying to find a place to put everything!  Enjoy these pics from the showers!

The first shower was thrown by Nicole Dawson, my friend and pastor's wife, for all my family to celebrate with us.  What an incredible party-planner she is.  She could start a business!  My pictures don't do everything justice... every single detail was color-coordinated and went with the theme.  The desserts were delicious and she baked practically everything herself!  She did such a GREAT job!!  Thank you Nicole!!!!

The AWESOME painting my sister did for Haven's room.  I'll have better pictures once it is hanging up!

Two of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet.  I look forward to seeing them at church every week!  They were the best helpers at the shower!  And they got festive with the bows!

I couldn't have picked a cuter one myself :)

The sweet doll my mom made for me... might need a separate post just about this.

Jen made this awesome diaper cake!  Love it!

Hostess extraordinaire!  She is incredible!

The next shower was thrown by Russell's aunt, 2 ladies from the church we met in, Russell's sister, and his 2 cousins' wives.  It was wonderful!!!  Most of my family is spread out all over the country and was unable to attend, but they sent gifts which was so sweet!  And it is SO nice to have so much of Russell's family in Oklahoma to celebrate with us!!  I loved every minute!  Unfortunately my camera died in the middle of this shower so I don't have quite as many pictures.  :(  But here's some good ones!
Russell's cousin's wife Cheyenne made this!  How precious!

My sister-in-law made this fabulous diaper cake!  Love it!

Go Pokes!
Sorry for the super long post!  I just had to share such a great weekend with you!  I was definitely feeling the love for baby Haven!  We are so blessed!  Thank you to everyone that came to the showers or sent a gift, and for your incredibly generous support of our growing family!  We love you all!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shower Time!

Last weekend my amazingly thoughtful college friends threw me a fabulous baby shower!  I was so impressed that coming from 4 different cities and 3 different states, they could put together such a fun party!  We had yummy food, Haven and I were spoiled with wonderful gifts, and we completed the event with a Princess photo-shoot so Haven can look back and see how ridiculously fun, hilarious, and AWESOME my friends are.  I know you're dying to see those pics, but they were taken with friends' cameras so you'll just have to stay in suspense for those.  Think boas, tiaras, jewels, and magic wands.  Heidi has a few pics of those on her blog, as well as other super fun pics, so check those out.  Here is what I have on my camera!  A BIG thank you to my sweet hostesses and all the wonderful friends that came to celebrate Haven and I!  I am so blessed to have you all in my life!
Awesome diaper cake that Jill made for me!  She put so much time into this!  Thank you dotter!!!

The spread :)

Hostess love 

Aren't they pretty?!  And tall?  Haha!

My dear Theta family... yes, that's a heart.

My sister's awesome bow-hanger for Haven!  I love it!

Let the opening begin!

My sweet niece with Grandma!

This adorable little man wanted to help.

Love this outfit!

The swing!!!  Yay!!!
More showers this weekend and I'm so excited!  Haven is going to be set!  :)  I don't know what we would do without all the incredible people in our lives.  We are so blessed!  I pick my mom up at the airport tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT!  Then sister and grandparents coming in later in the day!  This weekend is going to be wonderful!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Furniture...and Bedding Sneak Peek!

So... my camera died and I can't find the battery charger (bad problem to have!!!).  But I am anxious to show you how the room is looking now!  Like with the paint, I did not help AT ALL.  And Russell is the type that likes to do things without me watching and then show me his proud finished product.  So I really don't have many pictures of him putting everything together in action b/c he would either start while I wasn't home, he did it too fast for me to get a pic, or he just flat out didn't allow me in the room. :)  So here's some not-so-great pics from my phone of the finished product!  I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures in the future in better quality.  :)  HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to my parents, Gran & Granpa, and Russell's parents for contributing in some form or fashion in almost everything you see pictured!!!  We are SO blessed!!!  We love you!!!

Ta-da!!!  I love what the light fixture does to the room... kinda dreamy.  And it's amazing how curtains can soften a space (not that it wasn't already soft :)).  I love it all put together!!!  Can't wait to get stuff on the walls and that dresser full of baby goodies!  

Close-up of the bedding!  Once we get the mattress we'll put all of that together too!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let There Be Light!

The light fixture in the nursery needed an upgrade.  I originally thought I wanted a chandelier, but after some searching it seemed that everything was either super expensive or just not what I wanted.  I am always hesitant about ordering things online if I haven't seen them in person, so I just couldn't pull the trigger on any chandeliers I found online.  Then I found the winner at Lowe's!  Not a chandelier, but it definitely had the feminine pizzazz I was looking for!  Enjoy the before and after pictures!


Love the glow!

I love it!!  Thank you to the hubby for installing!  The crib and glider are here, dresser coming in the next few days!  I can't wait to see it all put together!