Thursday, April 21, 2011

Showers Continued!

This past weekend my mom, sister, and grandparents came in town for 2 more baby showers!  It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but so so so fun!!!  We are truly blessed by the overwhelming generosity of all our sweet friends and family!  Baby Haven is ALL SET!  Now the challenge is trying to find a place to put everything!  Enjoy these pics from the showers!

The first shower was thrown by Nicole Dawson, my friend and pastor's wife, for all my family to celebrate with us.  What an incredible party-planner she is.  She could start a business!  My pictures don't do everything justice... every single detail was color-coordinated and went with the theme.  The desserts were delicious and she baked practically everything herself!  She did such a GREAT job!!  Thank you Nicole!!!!

The AWESOME painting my sister did for Haven's room.  I'll have better pictures once it is hanging up!

Two of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet.  I look forward to seeing them at church every week!  They were the best helpers at the shower!  And they got festive with the bows!

I couldn't have picked a cuter one myself :)

The sweet doll my mom made for me... might need a separate post just about this.

Jen made this awesome diaper cake!  Love it!

Hostess extraordinaire!  She is incredible!

The next shower was thrown by Russell's aunt, 2 ladies from the church we met in, Russell's sister, and his 2 cousins' wives.  It was wonderful!!!  Most of my family is spread out all over the country and was unable to attend, but they sent gifts which was so sweet!  And it is SO nice to have so much of Russell's family in Oklahoma to celebrate with us!!  I loved every minute!  Unfortunately my camera died in the middle of this shower so I don't have quite as many pictures.  :(  But here's some good ones!
Russell's cousin's wife Cheyenne made this!  How precious!

My sister-in-law made this fabulous diaper cake!  Love it!

Go Pokes!
Sorry for the super long post!  I just had to share such a great weekend with you!  I was definitely feeling the love for baby Haven!  We are so blessed!  Thank you to everyone that came to the showers or sent a gift, and for your incredibly generous support of our growing family!  We love you all!


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