Monday, November 28, 2011

Watch Haven Grow!

I wish I could figure out how to make this bigger!  I'm clueless how to make collages for my blog so this was the best I could do for now!  Scroll down for closer up!

6 Months Bloopers

She is getting more curious and wiggly by the day so our monthly photo shoots are becoming a bit challenging and comical!

6 Months Old!

Dear Haven,

Half. A. Year.  It can't be!  I have loved every minute.  You are SO precious.  You get so excited when you see me or Daddy and just flail your arms and legs about with a huge grin on your face.  It's so cute.  Every once in a while you only want your Mommy, but most of the time you are really good when we pass you around.  B/c everyone wants to take a turn holding you, you know!  You are really into toys now.  You have this elephant who we recently named Petunia and you love to chew on her crinkle ears.  You love to chew on anything basically.  No matter what it is, it's going in your mouth.  Toes included!  You also recently discovered your tongue and like to chew on that too!  You are doing really well with solid food and you nurse super fast now.  Makes it a little easier when we are in a rush to get out of the house b/c you don't take as long anymore!  It's still a gamble every night whether you are going to make it all night or not.  But that's ok... I love the night-time snuggles getting you back to sleep.  You are so drawn to the TV, probably a little too much!  You are very interested in Copper, reaching for him and sometimes grabbing a handful of fur.  He doesn't mind and keeps coming back for more.  You are sitting up pretty good, but haven't quite mastered it yet.  Still a bit of a "round bottom" as Gammie likes to say.  You are really giggly now and love to be bounced around on our knee or in our arms.  I LOVE to hear you laugh.  It has to be the best sound in the world.  Unfortunately, I just can't get you on a schedule.  I actually sat down and did a spreadsheet to see if one was possible... but unfortunately with dance class being at different times every day, it's just not possible.  So you're on close to the same schedule every day, but it's never exactly the same.  All Mondays are the same, all Tuesdays are the same, etc. but it's a little different one day to the next.  But you are such a happy baby that I don't think you mind too much!  You're so easy and just go with the flow!  Your 6 month doctor appt was this morning.  You are 14 lbs 14 oz and 25.75 in long, that's the 26th% and 48% percentiles respectfully.  You are a petite little thing and so adorable!  Your thighs are pretty chunky now though and it's so cute!  Daddy and I are having an absolute blast with you.  We are so thankful that God blessed us with such a sweet baby girl.  You mean the world to us and I have a hard time remembering what we did before you!  We love you so much Haven Jane!  Happy half-birthday!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Old Friends

I'm tempted to wait to post this b/c I would love to find some old pictures of us first!  Maybe I'll go back and edit later...  We were so excited to get a visit from Julie, Jonathan, and Brayden while in Bossier!  Julie and I have been friends since 5th grade and Jonathan and I even longer... we also figured out he is my 5th cousin!  Ha!  Anyway, they were "going out" way back in the day when I still lived there (middle school!), and eventually got back together and got married 3 years ago!  My sister and I came down for their super-fun wedding, but I hadn't seen them since. They have the most adorable almost 2 year old named Brayden.  We keep up with each other's little families on facebook, but it was so nice to see each other in person!  They are the sweetest people.  And I love that I actually have middle school memories of telling Julie they would get married one day.  And they did!  It was SO great catching up!  I love you guys!

Boswell/Hauser Thanksgiving!

I was better with the camera this go-round.  However, please don't take that to mean that I didn't stuff myself because I certainly did!  Yum!  Great-grandparents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and 1 baby = musical Haven!  Everyone took a turn and I don't know that Haven really ever got put down.  She is one loved little girl!  You know they all wish they didn't have to share!  Ha!  Here's some pics from our trip...

Sweet Lady/Sweet Girl

Next we were off to my hometown of Bossier City, LA for the Boswell/Hauser Thanksgiving!  While we were there, I brought the most adorable outfit that I have been dying to get Haven in.  It's all the things I love... pink, polka dots, tutu, Haven's name.  Really what could be better?! It's too chilly for her to wear out, but I knew we'd be staying inside all day so we went for it!  This sweet outfit was given to us by none other than my sweet 3rd grade teacher, Miss Bailey.  Yes, you read that right.  I am still friends with my 3rd grade teacher!  She impacted my life in such a positive way and I never had another teacher like her since.  She was encouraging, nurturing, and super fun.  We have kept up with each other sporadically through the years and she even came to one of my bridal showers!  When I got this outfit in the mail from her, I couldn't wait for Haven to get big enough to wear it!  I think you read this... so THANK YOU Miss Bailey for your sweet generosity in sending this gift!  And for much, much more.  Love you and SO thankful for you!

Friske Thanksgiving & Garner Turns 1!

The Thanksgiving fun started last weekend with Russell's side of the family!  I was so busy absolutely stuffing myself that I didn't take any pictures!  Shame on me!  But yum, it was good.  We also took family pictures with Oliva Carlson (the same photographer that did Haven's newborn pics!) and I am anxiously waiting to see them!  We even got Copper in a few so I'm excited to see how they turn out!  We also celebrated my niece's 1st birthday!  Garner turned 1 on 11/22!  We were all talking about how so much has happened in a year!  I did get some pictures of Garner's first taste of sweets with her birthday cupcake.  Enjoy!