Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Game Time!

So we switched cars with Poppy at the McDonald's on the turnpike, and I struggled watching him drive away with my sweet girl.  The car ride without me, 2 feedings without me, what amounted to her longest day without me.  You may be thinking "get over it" (which was probably my husband's thought too), but it was hard, ok!  I felt like I left an appendage at McDonald's!  I knew Poppy and Grandma would take great care of her, but I still missed her like crazy!  It was definitely nice to have that much 1-on-1 time with my hubby though!  Probably the most since she arrived!  The game started while we were in the car, so on the radio went.  And my husband was a HAPPY man.  I said, "somebody's in a good mood!" to which he replied, "we are going to watch my pokes play!!!"  He was thrilled...clapping in the car, singing the fight song, speed-walking like an old lady to get inside the stadium.  Clearly someone has been having Boone Pickens Stadium withdrawals.  I love it when he gets in this kind of mood.  He's like a little kid!  It's the best.  We had a blast on our date day at the game!!

I love Broadway-themed band formations...

Mask from Phantom of the Opera

Car from Grease

I also love taking pictures of my husband having a ball...

This would be the chicken dance... I love my husband!

You will probably only appreciate these next pictures if you went to OSU.  I knew they had been remodeling the Student Union, so we went to check it out and it was seriously unrecognizable!  We couldn't believe all the changes!!  We had dinner at a 50s' style diner inside before heading home to our baby girl!

I just love my alma mater!  May I also note that we are currently #3 in football!!  Not that I don't have any confidence in us for the future, but I think that will be an interesting factoid to look back on in the future!  Go Pokes!!!  I will always support you, no matter what the ranking! :)

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  1. That's the Union?! Those couches look they belong in a disco lounge! So awesome! I miss that place a lot...looks like you guys had a blast!