Sunday, November 27, 2011

Old Friends

I'm tempted to wait to post this b/c I would love to find some old pictures of us first!  Maybe I'll go back and edit later...  We were so excited to get a visit from Julie, Jonathan, and Brayden while in Bossier!  Julie and I have been friends since 5th grade and Jonathan and I even longer... we also figured out he is my 5th cousin!  Ha!  Anyway, they were "going out" way back in the day when I still lived there (middle school!), and eventually got back together and got married 3 years ago!  My sister and I came down for their super-fun wedding, but I hadn't seen them since. They have the most adorable almost 2 year old named Brayden.  We keep up with each other's little families on facebook, but it was so nice to see each other in person!  They are the sweetest people.  And I love that I actually have middle school memories of telling Julie they would get married one day.  And they did!  It was SO great catching up!  I love you guys!

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