Saturday, November 5, 2011

1st Halloween!

Unfortunately we had nowhere to go for Halloween this year!  And we were too cheap to buy candy to hand out.  Go ahead, call me a fun-hater, but I figure we have countless years of candy purchasing ahead.  So what does that mean for Haven's 1st Halloween?  A day of playing dress-up of course!  First, a cute Halloween outfit that Jill (my sweet friend/Theta dotter/Haven's pseudo big sister) gave us!

Then, the Halloween costume of course!  She did NOT like getting into it, but once she was in it she was happy.  I was photographer while Daddy tried to make her smile.  The previously mentioned dislike for getting into the costume made this task a bit difficult for Daddy at first.  I actually wish I had a video of it.  He made every noise, sang every song, did every dance he could think of and this is all we got.  I have 11 (yes, 11!) pictures of this face! But she's still cute as she can be.

After that, I decide to get my phone out to take a picture and send it to facebook, and don't you know she'd give us this one!! :)

We managed to get a couple more grins...

Now off goes the costume!  Thank you Gammie for getting it for us!  Finally, it was time for the Halloween pj's Grandma gave us!

Ta-da!  Our day of Halloween dress-up!   I'm sure next year will be more eventful!  She'll be running around in a costume!  Aaaahh!

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  1. I love her sunflower costume!! She is precious!! I see both you and Russell in her!