Saturday, August 25, 2012

Haven & Luke

Last weekend we went to one of Russell's cousin's baby showers in Enid.  It was so good to see family and catch up with everyone!  All the dads, uncles, brothers, etc. and babies (Haven was the only girl!) congregated together while the women were at the baby shower.  I was told that Haven was walking all over the house with Luke crawling right behind her!  :)  After the shower, we reunited with the boys and babies.  Here's a pic of Mandi and I with our babes!

Aunt Sherri has a homemade ball pit in her backyard!  What a fabulous idea!  These cuties were loving it...

Haven loved it so much that even after Luke got out, she didn't want to leave!

Really into finding her belly button lately :)

Just doing a whole bunch of non-lady-like things... heel stretch! :)

Then little Caleb got in on the action!  Caleb is Mandi's brother Matt (best man in our wedding) and Amy's cute little 4 month old!

Then Haven still didn't want to get out!  I'm thinking I need to make myself a ball pit!


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