Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Orleans Trip, The Last Part I Promise!

I told you I took a lot of pictures!  Here's the last ones!

Books with Bozzy...

Box time with Bozzy!


This picture really makes me laugh for some reason...

She LOVES walking in shoes! 

Football with Bozzy!  A hit!

Love this one!

Have to document this hair...

Playing with Bozzy...

Watching youtube videos like this one with Gammie...

Watching the Olympics a little too closely...
 Time for tea!

 Walking and talking on the phone!  Sometimes it's on her ear, sometimes her back!  Haha!

More cake! 

 Down, set, hut!

 Tickling Bozzy's foot!  She got a kick out of this!

Love these girls!

 Another staring contest...

I've got your toes!

We had a wonderful trip!!!  The only good thing about coming home was getting to see Russell since he didn't get to come with us.  We missed each other lots and Skyped as much as we could!  Haven even tried to kiss the computer screen the first time.  Too cute!  I should also document that we flew and I was kinda dreading it.  But she did SO good!  She made friends with everyone around us and kept them entertained with her talking and giggles.  Only a couple fusses on 1 flight, but the rest were peaceful as can be!  Not to mention I got some sweet snuggles with her on my lap for big chunks of time.  Since she's on the go, that is hard to come by these days!  So I enjoyed every minute.  Big thanks to Gammie, Bozzy, and Uncle Spencer for such a wonderful and relaxing visit!  Love you all so much!!!  

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