Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Orleans Trip, Part 1!

Haven and I recently went to visit my family in New Orleans and I took so many pictures that we'll have to cover the trip in parts!  I wanted a looooong visit (8 days!) so there was no way Russell could swing that with work.  Pays to be a business owner so I can do things like this! :)  We missed him tons though!  Aunt Rissa couldn't make it either and we missed her so much too!  Gran and Granpa were there for the first couple days of our trip so that was a special treat!  They are so special to me and I love watching them interact with Haven!  Even if Haven did make the funniest frowny faces for Gran!  Ha!  We did a lot of hanging at the house, which was so relaxing and much needed for me!  I also got hours of uninterrupted work done which felt great!  Plus some sister/brother outings, breaks from motherly duties like nap time, meal time, bath time... heck, my mom took over for the week and I welcomed it!!  :)  Ok, enough chatting, let's get to the pictures!

Playing with her new kitchen!  It was a hit!

Checking out Uncle Spencer in the big box that Granpa made into a tunnel for Haven!

Loving life at Gammie and Bozzy's house!

Kisses for Mommy through the box...

View from inside the box...

My pre-haircut, bearded, newly licensed brother driving me to our movie date!

Hey Uncle Spencer!  I'm rockin' my Beaver's Bend shirt!

Blurry but I love Granpa in the background loving watching Haven's every move!

Playing with Granpa!

Sharing with Gran...

Look Gammie, I can climb on this box!

So proud of herself!

Somebody likes Gammie's spaghetti and meatballs as much as I do!

Maybe a little too much fun with that meal...

All cleaned up and playing with Gammie!

Love :)

She's a wild girl!

Getting a bite of cake from Bozzy... gotta love life at the grandparents' house!!

Even though we stayed at home most of the trip, it was all still picture-worthy for me!  Gotta document these memories, folks!  Many more to come...

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