Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Orleans Trip, Part 2!

There's really no method to these parts... just trying to divide up the massive amount of pictures I have!  Enjoy this next bunch!

 One of my faves from the week...

Toddler Yoga...

Box time with Uncle Spencer!

Staring contest... you, me, GO! --Name that SNL skit that we watched over and over!

This little piggy went to the market...

Who rang the doorbell?!  The cutest visitors ever!!!

Box time with Bozzy!

Talking to Gran and loving her necklace!

Pretty girl in a tutu!  I had to!

She likes to put things around her neck these days... precious much?!

That's not a phone, silly!

Sigh.  I just love this girl!

Silly girl!  All smiles!

Love this one!

Bath time with Gammie!  Loving it!

Books with Gammie!  Practicing her animal noises!  She is a pro!

Toddler in a cabinet!

Brother/sister date to the mall!

Look at that yummy guac Bozzy made!  Mmmmm!!

Eating black olives like her mama and sharing! 

A fun game we played!  And my bearded brother!

Talking on the phone, yet again!  I've got to get video up of this!

See what I mean about all smiles?!  Love those 4 little teeth too!

The next bunch are at the beach... I hope you are ready for cuteness overload!!!  I'm so humble when it comes to my baby girl aren't I?!  Sheesh!  Just a proud mama over here!

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