Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The rest of our trip...

Our trip to my parents' house was a quick one, but I stayed true to form and took LOTS of pictures!  Haven was super snuggly with Bozzy (Biyah!) this trip, as you will see!  We had a blast as usual!

Hula skirts just because.

This is Haven pretending to have wings like Tinkerbell. Ha!

Best purchase ever by Gammie.  Little baby princesses!  She was in heaven!

We are so lucky to get hand me downs so I rarely buy Haven clothes, but I actually purchased this outfit!

I think she likes it!  Or just being outside like always. :)

Tired girl...

loves her Biyah!


Daddy getting in on the snuggles!

She's obviously my child.

Have I mentioned that we love the "pawk?"

Haven saved some snuggles for Gammie too.

Love G&G!

She loves him so!  Makes my heart happy!

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