Monday, May 28, 2012

Orlando Vacation Day 2, Part 1

Universal Studios!!! I have never been before so I was so excited! Haven was a little cranky in the morning after a late night (and what I like to call the sunscreen smothering), but she was happy as soon as she was being pushed around in the stroller.


First stop... Harry Potter!  Most everyone in Russell's family has read all the books several times, seen all the movies, etc. so they were beyond thrilled for this part.  I, on the other hand, have not read any of the books, seen a few of the movies, and was unsure if I would enjoy this part.  But I did!  I was so impressed with how realistic it looked.  It really felt like we were in the movie!  Plus the rollercoasters were fun and the butter beer was yummy so I had fun!

Haven napped... Yippee!

Next stop... Dr. Seuss!  A few of us went with the kids and the rest joined us after more HP fun.  Haven actually got to ride a couple things!  She liked One Fish, Two Fish until we got sprayed with water.  Oops!  But she cheered right back up.  She loved the Cat in the Hat as it was basically story-telling in motion.  Now, the actual characters...not so much.  At least there were no tears!

Day 2 to be continued...

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