Saturday, May 12, 2012

OSU Graduation 2012

What a long, fun day we had on Saturday!  If you are a Mommy or know anything about kids, you will agree with me on the craziness of this day for an 11 month old!  I was up at 5:30, got Haven up at 6:15, got to Grandma's just after 7, breakfast in the car, 15 minute nap in the car, Graduation ceremony #1 for Uncle Tim and Aunt Valerie (Valerie is married to Uncle Ben, not Uncle Tim... but it probably looked that way since they have the same last name and sat next to each other! Ha!), lunch at their graduation party at the BCM, nap at her cousins' grandparents' house, Graduation ceremony #2 for Uncle Ben, dinner in the car, slept the whole way home, wide awake when we got home at 8pm, bath at Poppy & Grandma's, bedtime at Poppy & Grandma's while we went to see The Avengers with Uncle Tim, finally back in her own bed at 1am.  I told you, CRAZY day.  After carrying Haven to and from the car parked a ways away, and up and down the Gallagher-Iba stairs (we only took the escalator once), I was one sore Mommy the next day too!  Or maybe just out of shape.  Ha!  Anyway, here's some pictures from our day!  Congratulations to Uncle Ben, Aunt Valerie, and Uncle Tim!  3 more OSU grads in the family!!! :)

Blurry, but there they are in the FRONT row!

Please look at all the cap decorations... it was out of control!...

This girl does not waste time when eating snacks... shoves a whole handful of puffs in her mouth!

In the nosebleeds for Ben's ceremony...

Haven's 1st experience with a water bottle...

Now presenting the graduates!  Valerie, Ben, Jordan (cousin), and Tim!

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