Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vaca Day 4 - Magic Kingdom!

Everyone had already been to 2 full days of Magic Kingdom at Disney World before we got there on Wednesday, but Russell and I couldn't be in Orlando and not go to Magic Kingdom!  So while everyone else had an afternoon at the pool, our little family of 3 went to enjoy some Disney magic!  I went to Disney World with my family when I was 12, and then was so fortunate to go back 3 years in a row for pom nationals in high school.  I. Love. Disney.  It can probably be obnoxious to non-fanatics...but I don't care!  Russell was laughing at me b/c I had the biggest smile on my face as soon as I saw that castle.  It just makes me happy!!!  It was so neat thinking back to my last visit there when I was a senior in high school and how much has changed in my life since then!  I brought my daughter to Disney World.  So so so fun.  I know she won't remember it, but we'll have these pictures to look at in the future and I'll be able to tell her all about her first trip to Disney!  Hopefully there will be more kids and more Disney trips in the future! :)

Andra and Ryan let us borrow their backpack and Haven loved it!

He made me hold that pose for what felt like FOREVER b/c the "camera was messing up."  Yeah, right.

Of course we would need to stop so my husband could shoot something.

A fun show at the castle!

Dance party in Tomorrowland with my least favorite Disney character, Stitch!  Lol!  Russell was really hamming it up, it was too funny!

Love.  I mean, it's pink.  Come on.  Perfection.

"Hey guys, check out that castle!" --Haven  Haha!

We stood in line for 10 minutes or so to meet some princesses!  With Tippi Toes princess camp coming up, I was taking some pointers from these ladies! :)  Haven not too sure about Aurora...

More comfortable with Belle...

Cinderella was commenting that Haven lost her shoe too!  Ha!  Love it.  I was also secretly wishing this was Julie Harsha.  :)

Then it was time for the Electric Parade!  We got a great spot on a balcony by the exit so we could scoot out easily as soon as it was over.  I wondered if Haven would fall asleep for this part, but she was SO into it.  Waving, clapping, and watching all the lights.  I loved watching her!

Check out the step-sister trying to get the glass slipper on... that had to get tiring by the end of the parade lol.

We called Poppy, he was there to pick us up in 5 minutes, and we were 3 happy people!  I'll remember this forever!  :)

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