Monday, May 28, 2012

Orlando Vacation Day 1

My in-laws are AWESOME.  They took all of their kids and our families to Orlando!  Russell's half brother and his family couldn't come at the last minute because their son Nicholas got really sick.  We were all so bummed!  We missed you Greg, Mel, and Nicholas!  Without them, we had 9 adults and 3 kids.  Everyone but us went for a whole week, and we joined them for Wed-Sun after my last Tippi Toes recital on Tuesday.  The first day was great!  Haven did wonderful on the plane, making friends with all the people around us.  She says "Hi!" in the cutest little voice and she was showing off!  She slept the majority of the long flight from Dallas to Orlando and we were thankful!  Poppy and Grandma picked us up at the airport and we got back to the condos to find everyone relaxing and/or napping.  It was a nice, chill way to start a vacation.  The 3 of us would soon learn why they were napping...those parks are SO fun and take it out of you!  Back to the first day... we went for Haven's 1st outdoor swim after dinner and she loved it as expected!  Uncle Tim got the best pictures with his new fancy camera, but I'm not sure when he'll get them to me.  So for now, here's our first day in Orlando!  Yay for vacation!!!

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