Sunday, April 15, 2012

Look What I Can Do!

Dear Haven,

You are approaching 11 months and you can't quite crawl yet, but you are certainly mobile.  You just get around in an unconventional way.  You go from sitting to your knees and then you may take one little step with your knee if something is out of reach.  Then you do what I like to call the downward-facing dog, and go back to sitting.  You do this in several different directions, thus making you travel around the room!  It is too cute and I finally got some pictures!

Later in the day, I put you in your crib to play for a minute while I put some things away.  I came back to find you standing up!  You have been trying to pull up on different things for a few weeks now, but you were finally successful all by yourself in your crib!  Where is my baby going?!  I love you!

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