Saturday, April 20, 2013

Aunts & Uncles are the best!

We were so lucky to have my sister and her fiance come stay with us last weekend!  We had so much fun!  Especially Haven!  The weather was yucky, so instead of the park they took her on an outing to the mall!  They rode the carousel, played in the kiddie area, and had some chicken nuggets and "kep-up" (ketchup) for lunch!  It's amazing what Russell and I got done in the short few hours they were gone!  What a blessing! 

Haven really latched on to "Nay-tan" (Uncle Nathan) this trip, so much as to cry and say his name over and over before nap time before I finally gave in and let her get one more hug and kiss from him.  Precious! 

He had to go home early, but my sister got to stay a couple more days.  And boy was she a HUGE help!  During naps and after bedtime, we got all my costumes labeled and ready for delivery this past week!  Monumental.  Could not have done it without her.  Well I could have, but it would have involved less sleep.  I also got to have a girls night with a few pledge sisters while she watched Haven!  So refreshing and fabulous to sit around and laugh with sweet friends like no time has passed whatsoever! 

Daddy stayed with napping Haven while we went to the Driller's game on Sunday where a great group of Tippi Toes dancers performed!  So proud! 

Basically, it was a dynamite weekend and could not have been possible without Aunt Rissa and Uncle Nathan!  Thanks you two!  Love you so much!

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