Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It may have been almost 3 weeks ago, but I must document!  Haven looked too cute not to.  I mean, seriously.  Thankfully the weather made for a beautiful weekend and she got to rock the outfit Russell picked out for her in Branson!  We went to on Saturday night and Southern Hills Baptist Church with Russell's parents on Sunday morning.  Two very different services, celebrating one very important man.  Thanks to His ultimate sacrifice, I will live eternally with Him!  Thank you Jesus!

I love them!  Hand in hand always makes me melt!

She LOVED her outfit, especially proud of that hat and shoes.

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures of her ever.
A sweet look I get all the time now when she asks me a question, love it!
Run away from Mommy!  No pictures!

No smiles, but at least we're all in it right?

Go inside, tell her "stand over there and say cheese," and she showed me she DOES know how to follow instructions. ;)
 After church it was back to Grandma and Poppy's house for basket emptying, a nap, and her first ever egg hunt!  Last year she wasn't walking yet, remember?  Gosh, time flies.  Daddy didn't get too fancy with the egg-hiding or anything, but man this girl was a pro!  We showed her what to do when we found one egg and she was so determined to find every one after that and stick it in her bucket!  Loved watching her run around and giggle while finding eggs.  So fun!

A big egg full of my little ponies, yes please!

Let the hunting begin!

She picked those ears out at Walgreen's all on her own, folks.

A basket full of eggs and a mouth full of jelly beans!  Successful first hunt!

We will take a normal picture one of these days...
 Happy Easter 2013!

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