Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Halloween 2013

Let's rewind to Haven's 2 year doctor appointment.  In an effort to calm her after her shots, I offered everything... candy?  No!  Cupcake?  No!  Shopping?  She literally said, "Yes!  Shoes!"  So we went to Payless and she picked out red sparkle shoes.  Or as she says "red farkle shoes."  Shortly after, I showed her the Wizard of Oz (the happy fun parts at least).  And she immediately became OBSESSED.  She loved having the same shoes as "Dorofy."  Every time we put the movie in, "I need red shoes!" She would wear them all day everyday if she could.  We "follow bick woad" at least once every day (skipping through the house, at the store, etc).  Needless to say, I knew what she had to be for Halloween this year.

Her school had a Fall Festival and all the kids wore their Halloween costume.  It was so special to go to her first school event!  She had a blast!  There was another family there that was dressed as Wizard of Oz - they had a Dorothy, baby flying monkey, and the parents were the witch and the scarecrow.  Haven literally followed them around ALL NIGHT.  We had to always be in the same room as the "saretow."  So I thought it was only appropriate to get a picture of her and her favorite guy...

She looked at a firetruck, played games, ate pizza, won a cake on the cake walk, and was in heaven with a sucker.

Her friend Lillie from dance class!

She also had her first trick-or-treating experience this year and man she was into it!  She said a version of "trick-or-treat" at every house followed by "thank you!" with excitement.  We had a blast!

Let it also be documented that this creepy Biyah sat on my front porch with a black light and creepy music and scared the you know what out of teenagers!

Happy Halloween!  I know it's the day before Thanksgiving.  I'm getting caught up, ok?!

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