Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Gifts

Haven update!  We had a doctor appointment on Friday and everything is good!  I am measuring the right size and her heartbeat is nice and strong!  I had to drink the orange stuff to test my glucose...I think?  For those of you that haven't had babies, it's like really sweet Sunkist with no carbonation.  Sweet, syrup-y overload.  It wasn't terrible but the nurse had to watch me drink it so I felt pressure to chug.  I guess they can't take the risk of leaving the room and someone pouring it down the drain?  But seriously, chugging = disgusting.  Then I had to wait an hour and have blood drawn.  I should know the results sometime next week.  Hopefully everything is ok, b/c if it's not you have to do a 3-hour test, complete with more monitored chugging of flat Sunkist and blood-taking!  Hoping I won't have to do that!  Ok, on to the title of this blog post...

Haven's first gifts!  I've been holding on to these pictures for a couple weeks now and have to share!  I got a package in the mail one day from my sweet friend Heidi.  How adorable is this outfit?!?
I love it!!  I took this with my phone so it's not the clearest.  But I love polka dots and I love pink!  So this is perfect!  Heidi also sent the sweetest card... I let Russell read it and he cried!  Thank you Heidi!!!  We love you!!  Havey baby will love you too!

One of my cute Tippi Toes dancer's moms knitted the next few things for me!  I almost cried when I opened them!  Just that she took the time to make these from scratch is so sweet!!! 

They even have a little pearl button on the side!  So cute! 

Could they be more perfect?!  Her first ballet shoes!  I'm thinking we might have to do some newborn pics in these, a pink tutu, and a pink bow.  How precious would that be?!  Aaah!

And her dance wardrobe wouldn't be complete without some handmade leg warmers!!  Are you kidding me?!  Absolutely adorable.  I can already tell baby Haven is going to be one spoiled little girl!  I am so thankful to these sweet people for some of her first gifts!  I don't have pictures of all the fun things my mom and Gran have gotten for her, but I think the camo tank dress is Russell's favorite! :)  We have started working on the nursery... I'm sure a future post will show the progress!  So exciting!

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  1. Oh I love this!!!! What sweet gifts! She definitely will be one very loved little girl, just like Kalliope!