Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Painting the Nursery!

 Dear Baby Haven, in the past couple weeks I have asked your Dad several times, "will you please let me help you paint?"  (We have the pregnancy-safe paint by the way).  Every time his answer was no.  I finally stopped asking because he explained his reasoning to me.  He said, "You get to carry her for 9 months... you get to have such a unique bond with her... you are doing so much for her every day.  Prepping, painting, finishing this room is my contribution to her and you that I can do all by myself.  It's my way of bonding with her."  Precious right?  He finally let me put some tape on the base boards, but other than that he has literally done everything in taking this room from a sandy color to pretty in pink!  Here are some pics of the transformation!



"Pressed Flower" - weird lighting

Cutting chair rail molding


Installing molding

Finished product!


I don't know who was happier... Russell to be finished or Copper to have his daddy back!

It turned out SO great!!!  I am so proud of him!  As much as I wanted to help paint, it's pretty awesome that it's all done now!  Now I can't wait to get furniture, bedding, chandelier, etc!  So fun!



  1. He seriously did awesome! Great job, Rusty! Haven is going to be one stylish lil lady :)

  2. It looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  3. Quite the handy man! Looks great Brit. Can't wait to see the final product.