Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strange Dream

In the beginning of my pregnancy I was doing a lot of reading... from What to Expect When You're Expecting to Jenny McCarthy's book, Belly Laughs.

Belly Laughs is just that... hysterical.  She has a funny take on the common pregnancy symptoms to things that she says people don't talk about.  Some of my favorite (and blog appropriate) chapter titles include "I Can Either Pee On You or Get Out of My Way!" and "So, Anyway, Like I was Saying...Wait, What Was I Saying?"  The funniest ones probably have an inappropriate word in the title so I'll let you read for yourself.  But in the chapter, "Freddy Krueger Ain't Got Nothing on Me!" she talks about weird dreams during pregnancy.  In one dream, she gave birth to a slimy green cocoon that flew away.  In a different recurring dream, (prepare yourself) she would take a medical tool and perform her own C-section.  She would take her baby out, play with him in the bed, realize this couldn't be good for him, and put him back in her stomach and sew herself up.  Freaky right?!  Well the dream I had last night isn't that extreme, but it was really strange.

My immediate family and I were spending some time at my grandmother's house in Louisiana.  I was telling them about how I can feel my stomach and tell pretty good now where the baby is.  Outside of dream world, this is also the case!  Sometimes one part of my belly will be extremely hard and I know that Haven is resting right there!  But I'm not able to distinguish body parts or anything... but I could do that in the dream.  I was insistent that what I was feeling was her elbow and forearm.  Then not too long after that I made all my family gather round and look at my belly.  I had a distinct bulge that looked like a fist.  But it gets weirder.  The fist-like bulge kept protruding further and further out from my belly until it looked like there was an entire arm coming out of my belly!  Imagine a normal, pregnant belly... with a random, tiny arm hanging off of it.  Then the fist opened and we could see her fingers.  It honestly looked like my belly with a Mr. Potato Head arm sticking out of it.
Am I giving a good enough visual?!  So so so strange.  But my dream self was like "oh wow, isn't this so cool??  We can see her arm... aww, there's her fingers!"  Seriously?!  Creepy!  I woke up so weirded out but thought it was funny.  It will be interesting to see if I have any other crazy dreams as we get closer to Haven's arrival!  

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  1. Haha! I had a similar dream when I was pregnant with Addison. I could see her face, arms, and feet protruding out of my belly. BUT the really crazy thing was that my skin was translucent, so it was like a weird alien poking it's head out of my tummy! Oh, pregnancy!