Saturday, October 15, 2011

Haven The Cheerleader

 Haven attended her first sporting event on Friday night!  And who better to cheer for than Aunt Rissa?!  My sister Marissa plays for the JV basketball team at OBU.  She. Is. Awesome.  She has played basketball since she was little, wears number 10 for my Dad's birthday, and I love to watch her!  However, I have been a bad sister and not watched her play since she was in high school!  This is not acceptable!  Thank goodness she finally had a Friday night game so we could go!   Haven did great!  She was tuned in to the game and only got fussy when it was over.  We loved watching Aunt Rissa and cheering her on!  She played great!  

Team Huddle!  Check out the tiny Asian ref! :)

And let the Haven photo shoot begin... you know I get a little camera happy...


so focused!

Lately I get the most giggles from kissing her!

Hey model baby.

Check out my awesome hubby not afraid to rock the diaper bag...

What a fun night!  I only wish we could have stayed longer!  But babies have to go home and go to bed!  :)


  1. asian ref awesome.
    and baby haven even awesomeer!

  2. haha you're welcome! i knew you'd appreciate that asian.