Sunday, October 9, 2011

LifeGroup Babies

Last night we had LifeGroup girls night, complete with pajamas and LOTS of desserts.  2 of my favorite things!  We've done this before, only this time we had 3 babies in attendance!  They looked so cute in their car seats when we got there, so you know what that means!  Photo shoot!  We decided Blaine should be surrounded by the ladies. :)

Kalliope 8 months, Blaine 1 month, Haven 4 months

Love this of Kalliope :)  Hitting on Blaine! Ha!

Finally no crazy eyes on Haven

Beth & Kalliope, Laura & Blaine, Brittany & Haven
Shout-out to Natalie for hosting us and Amanda (and baby bump!) for coming from Dallas!  We missed the rest of you!  But don't worry, I'm sure there are more nights of pj's and desserts in our future!

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