Friday, March 30, 2012

Rockstar Birthday...Seriously.

Ok... I have to contain my excitement when writing this post.  B/c it is seriously overwhelming.  I was 20 feet from my rockstar crush, Bret Michaels, last weekend!!!!  Judge me all you want, I am giddy for this old, dirty, fake-haired?, not-the-best-singer, rockstar.  To me, he is sexy, silly, charitable, and a nice guy.  I only know a handful of his songs so most of my love for him comes from his several reality show appearances.  He was a hilarious skank on Rock of Love and I ate. it. up.  He was a hard-working, funny, creative, nice guy on Celebrity Apprentice and I love that he won that show, deservedly so.  He was so real on Life As I Know It and I loved watching him be a dad to his 2 little girls.  I am a little obsessed with Bret and not ashamed to tell the world!  Haha!  And just so we're clear... not so much obsessed with this Bret...

But definitely obsessed with this Bret...

Which now that I think about it... he has similar features and coloring as this guy... go figure!

Ok, let's get back on track here.  My AWESOME sister surprised me with tickets to Bret's show at the casino in Shawnee.  It was perfect b/c the show was just 4 days before my birthday!  What a wonderful birthday surprise! 

So of course I had to dress the part... push-up bra, sequins, smokey eyes, and all!  Haven, this is one time you will do as I say and not as I do.  Ha!  Wish I would have completed the look with some heels b/c dang, I'm short!  I actually stood on my chair a few times to get a better look at my man!

The show was awesome.  The crowd was...interesting.  Bret was oozing deliciousness.  Did I just write that?  Gosh, I love him.  It's bad.  My sister and I laughed at some things he said, laughed at some characters around us, danced to songs we didn't know, screamed the words to ones we did know, and I drooled... pretty much the whole time.  Check him out!

Brace yourself... the cowboy hat adds a whole 'nother level of HOT.  (You are allowed to think I am crazy.)

Blurry... but harmonica playing is also hot to me.  Weird?

So seriously, best birthday present ever.  Nothin' but a good time... pun intended.  The only thing lacking was a smooch from Bret.  Yes, I would have pecked him on the mouth and this was authorized by my husband.  But the meet and greet was $200!  All the proceeds went to the American Diabetes Association... again, love him.  Man, if only I had the money.  Kinda wishing I would have asked if they take credit cards.  Ha!  Oh well.  Still an absolutely glorious evening with my rockstar crush and fabulous, thoughtful sister. 

But wait!  The night isn't over.  We get in the car and the radio was on a Tulsa station... what is playing?  Every Rose Has Its Thorn!  Are you kidding me?!  We totally jammed on the way home.  Then we get back to my sister's house and decide to do some concert reenactments.

My sister's scary rock face...

Action shot of how I caught myself dancing at the concert... I am clearly a unique Bret fan...

Then came the end-of-song-jump that Bret would do almost every song.  Gotta love self-timer jumping pics and our several tries at a good one...

Pretty sweet right?  Lol.  Another tid-bit of information from the concert... Bret kept thanking us for supporting him in his 25 years in the music business.  I turned 26 on Wednesday.  This would be like Haven loving Justin Bieber when she is 26.  Comical.  Also of note... this was my first over-night stay away from Haven.  Daddy did fine, Haven did fine, and I got a better night's sleep than I have in a while.  Ha!  To recap, my sister is AWESOME, Bret is HOT, and I am HAPPY.  Happy Birthday to ME!


  1. I laughed out loud at this whole entire post. Seriously. I think what makes this post even more awesome is your shout out to Haven. You are ridiculous. ANd i love it. When Val reads this one she is going to be one jealous Bret Michaels fan.

  2. this. is. the. greatest.

    someday when reba and bret play a joint concert, we are going together.

    p.s. you are so hott in your sequins!

  3. I knew you two would love it! And yes Heidi, I am ridiculous! Sometimes I laugh out loud while I am writing b/c I can't believe what I'm writing. Ha. OMG Reba and Bret?! How freaking amazing would that be?! We should write into them and suggest it. And thanks Val! Not gonna lie... my sis and I were probably a couple of the hottest ones there! Not that that's saying much...