Saturday, November 24, 2012

Animal Expert

Warning:  BRAG POST

PLENTY to catch up on, but first I must not loose this gem of a video from earlier this month.  I have mentioned how Haven is an expert at animal noises.  I am dying to get her to do them all in one sitting with the camera going, but this will give you a taste of her talents.  Ha!  Haven, when you read this many, many years from now, please know that your family and friends get the BIGGEST kick out of you performing your animal noises.  We/they are constantly asking you to perform different ones and we are convinced you are brilliant to remember so many.  Some of them are unconventional (i.e. whale, hippo, etc.) but I like to make sounds or motions up for these animals b/c I know you will be the best copycat!  It really is the best though... you can point to the animals in books and perform the sound, or we can ask you for it by the name of the animal and you do it.  It's seriously hours of fun.  Ok, maybe I'm going overboard with my description.  But seriously, at almost 18 months (you started these two at 11 months!) you can do a sound or motion for:

Monkey, Lion, Whale, Dolphin, Hippo, Tiger, Dog, Bird, Elephant, Bear, Snake, Cow, Pig, Horse, Sheep, Penguin, and our newest addition... Skunk.

Do I sound like a proud Mommy or what?  Ok, enough words... watch!



  1. I mean, I don't even know how to make a whale sound. I am so impressed with your child.

    1. Why thanks Val! The things Moms come up with... whale noises and hippo lip-smacking.