Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picnic in November

Russell is typically off on Wednesdays so yesterday we decided we had to take advantage of this gorgeous OK weather!  Sunny and 75 degrees in November?!  Heck yes!  I'm sure it won't be around for that much longer so we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible with our outdoor-loving girl!  We packed a lunch and headed down to our neighborhood park, aka Haven's favorite place ever.  Copper's too as a matter of fact!  You know I'll use any excuse to take pictures of my sweet girl!  Love these!  Even with the string cheese she stole from our picnic in them!  Ha!

Playing hide and seek with Daddy... more like Daddy hides, Haven finds him, Daddy chases Haven, and giggles ensue.

She just loves being outside!  And we love her!  In the middle of playing outside she will walk over to either one of us and kiss us wherever she can reach at that moment... usually our leg.  It's like she is thanking us for taking her to the park!  Too cute!  A little obsessed with this picture... those dimples!

Time to leave the park.  To my dear little family...  Lord willing, there will be more of you one day (not anytime soon!), but for right now, I just adore everything about the tiny-ness.  I love this special time in our life with our one and only Haven Jane!  I'm having more fun than ever, learning something everyday, and could not be more grateful to HIM for blessing us with this indescribable gift.  Thank you Lord!


  1. I mean, does she have the sweetest smile on a child ever in history? I think so.