Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Love Day!

We celebrated Valentine's Day a couple days early this year thanks to my sweet hubby.  Haven and I were hanging out at a basketball game for the pom squad, having lots of fun.

Daddy came and got her when he got off work so she wouldn't have to stay the whole time... you know, confined spaces and almost 2 year olds.  Without my knowledge, he took her to Build-a-Bear in the mall when they left!  How sweet is that!  So when I got home I hear Russell say, "Haven go show Mommy what you got."  And she comes around the corner with this precious pink bear and a big smile on her face.  Then he tells her to bring Mommy her present.  So she struggles to carry the big box over and I got a bear too!  Russell said he let her pick one out for herself, then let her pick one out for me.  Happy Valentine's Day to and from Haven!  What a sweet hubby and daddy we have!!

I went ahead and gave him what I had picked up to be from Haven to him.  Check it out.

Does that not have Haven all over it or what?!  If you don't think so, please check out this post.

Then on actual Valentine's Day, Haven had to go with me to pom practice just like she did last year!  So I couldn't help but take her picture in the same spot and do a little comparison!

My baby girl is growing up!  We love you Haven!  Here's to many more Valentine's Days!  But they can take their sweet time getting here. :)

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