Friday, February 22, 2013

UJVP Regionals 2013

Earlier this month I traveled with our pom squad to our regional competition in Fort Worth!  The whole time I couldn't believe I did this last year with baby Haven on the bus!  This time, though, Gran and Granpa traveled here to keep Haven in her normal environment. :) (THANKS AGAIN!!) That weekend was the first time I've spent more than a night away from my sweet girl!  It sure was a blast though.  I love these girls so much!  I was bad with the camera yet again, so thankfully technology is awesome and some of the girls sent me pics. On that note, girls...if you didn't send me a pic of us and you have one, please do! :)

My bus partner and mini-me, Alyssa! ;)
We got all dressed up and went out to dinner at a fun mexican restaurant.  Last year the girls pranked Amber by telling the waiter it was her birthday.  Well this year I was prepared that they would do that to me so we talked about it and how they shouldn't do me b/c I already expected it.  So I go in with them on another plan, only to find out that they still told the waiter it was MY birthday anyway!!!  So all of the sudden here comes these 4 mariachi guys singing Happy Birthday and I'm pointing them in the wrong direction b/c they came for me!  I was so surprised.  They then proceed to sing "Pretty Woman" to me (which, by the way, I am doubtful that very many of my pom girls had ever heard before!) and one guy kept inserting my name... "Pretty Brittany."  Hahaha!  They got me and it was awesome!  Love you girls!  Some pics from dinner...

My partner in crime!  Love you Amber!
The one and only Victoria, love her!

The genius and clever Madeline, so pretty!
Hotel time with teenagers can be interesting and it was.  We had girls in our room the whole trip and I wouldn't want it any other way!  I have made so many great relationships with this team and love them so much!  Check out their fun pjs...

The girls performed SO well on both Saturday and Sunday and I could not be more proud of them!  We competed up in the Varsity category against one other team and took home the title!  All their early morning hard work paid off!!  Go Skins!

the blurry excitement!

Sweet, funny Hope... or hop hop hop as Haven likes to say!
Jacket time!  Love this bunch so much!

Our sweet captains, love you both so much and so proud of you!
So after a shopping spree at an outlet mall and a sleepy bus ride home, I was reunited with Russell and Haven!  Haven actually wouldn't even look at me at first. Ha!  Then she came around and was happy to see me.  Until... our bus driver who looks like Santa (literally he plays Santa in a local parade) came over to say hi to her.  She FLIPPED OUT.  Like uncontrollable screaming and sobbing... kinda like this actually.  Poor child is scarred.  Oh well, she eventually sucked it up and I got some good snuggles before bedtime.  Overall, a fabulous trip with our undefeated team and memories I'll have forever!  I've now completed a full year with one team and I don't know that any other will ever top it.  There's just something about the first.  Love you girls!  Blessed to be your coach!


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