Monday, February 18, 2013


I'm baaaa-aaaaccckkk!  I can't believe the last time I posted was almost a month ago!  Who am I?!  A super-busy business owner, pom coach, and mom... that's who! ;)  Let's try and get caught up...

Three weekends in a row, we have had visitors at our house!  The most recent 2 weekends were planned, but the first one was a last-minute surprise!  My friend had a plane ticket that was about to expire so she cut us a deal and my Dad flew here for the weekend!!!  Haven was so surprised and excited when we picked Bozzy (sounding more like Bayah lately) up from the airport!  She let him hold her and they talked and giggled the whole way home from the airport.  That weekend happened to be my Mom's birthday so we joked about how Dad was having so much fun while Mom was at home on her birthday (but don't worry, she's the next visitor).  Aunt Rissa came in town too and we all had so much fun!  Out of all the visitors, this was the trip I got the most pics of!  Sorry to the rest of you! :(  It was warm enough to play outside one day, Dad spoiled us with a grocery trip, and there was lots of lounging around.

  My sister's birthday was the following Monday so we went ahead and celebrated with cupcakes!  We skyped with Gammie so it could be part of her birthday celebration too.  Haven was of course thrilled about the "cu-cay".  :)  So I call this the cu-cay photo shoot...

After that was probably the most adorable massage train you have EVER seen.  If you never need your back scratched, Haven is pretty darn good at it. :) 

We were sad to see Bozzy go, but knew that meant less than a week til Gammie was here!  Her visit was a wedding planning extravaganza.  I'm so glad they got SO much done!  The most exciting day that I got to be in on was wedding dress shopping in OKC.  I wanted it to be a perfect experience for my sweet sister and it was!  She found the most gorgeous dress and we were all a big mess of tears.  I obviously can't show you any pics, but I think this one is allowed... please read her hilarious shirt.  Haha!

  I didn't take many pictures the rest of the weekend, but Gammie and Haven got lots of quality snuggle time in!  And Haven wouldn't let me do anything for her with Gammie here, so Gammie took lots of my Mommy responsibilities for the weekend! Thanks! :)  The only pic I managed to snap was of book time!  There was lots of that that weekend.  We love you Gammie!!  Can't wait to see you again soon!

The next weekend's visitors were Gran and Granpa!  They came in town to watch Haven while Russell worked and I traveled to Fort Worth with our pom squad (more on that later).  Haven hasn't always been the most welcoming to G&G, but we were hopeful that she was passed that stage and thankfully she was!  She was happy to see them, played and played, and didn't give them any trouble!  Gran said "I have 3 words:  piece of cake."  Wahoo!!!  They have tried to come twice in the past couple months and it never worked out, so we were thrilled to finally have them!  And Haven was thrilled to open some belated Christmas presents!!  Unfortunately I didn't get much of a visit with them since I was gone the whole time, but I did snap this pic of Haven with her new chair from them!  So cute!

We had SO much fun with all our visitors!  Thank you all for coming, helping with Haven, and being the amazing family that you are!  We are so blessed! 

Still to come... pom regionals, Valentine's Day, and our first weekend vacation without Haven since our Babymoon in 2011.  Good stuff!  Hopefully I'll get caught up soon...


  1. SO great to have so much help for a few weeks! At least thats how my brothers look at it... I'm "help" more so than the "aunt".

  2. Hahaha I know what they mean! Aunt or help, I'm sure you're the best!