Sunday, January 30, 2011


A couple weeks ago Russell and I were talking about what we were going to do on his weekend off last weekend.  Since he is in the ministry, weekends off are VERY few and far between!!  Thinking he was going to opt for an uneventful, sit on the couch, take a nap kind of weekend, I was so excited when he suggested we get away!!  Dallas, Kansas City, Branson?!  I'm so NOT a spontaneous person, but this sounded like the best idea ever!  We hadn't been away on a trip just the 2 of us that didn't involve seeing friends or family since... our honeymoon!  Speaking of which... here's a pic from our honeymoon in June 2007.  :)  Back when I would wear something sleeveless without a cardi.  Ha!

So needless to say, I was thrilled at the idea of having some alone time with the hubby without any kind of agenda for the trip!  We decided on Branson b/c we knew we didn't know anyone there so we couldn't be tempted to go see some friends or family.  And really, we did a whole lot of NOTHING.  And it was fabulous!  We went to Big Cedar Lodge just south of Branson.  I highly recommend it to anyone needing a quick getaway!  It was so cozy, beautiful, and fun!  We know our alone time will be even more limited when the baby arrives, so we called this our Babymoon.  (But I'm really hoping we can squeeze in another weekend before June... fingers crossed!)  Here's some pics of the resort and our trip.  Enjoy! :)
Babymoon Bump - 18 weeks, 3 days :)
Table Rock Lake... so pretty w/ snow everywhere!

Where our room was... the Spring View Lodge
Right outside our room... If I could get in hot tubs, I would have been in that one!

Room Service!  We had never done that before so we spoiled ourselves!
So pretty!  Wish we would have taken this the day before the snow melted!
  We were only there for like 36 hours, but it was SO worth it!  Good food, pretty place, relaxation, and wonderful company.  I love him!

This past Friday we got together with some friends for dinner.  It was so great catching up!  I wore a dress my sister-in-law gave me and I actually felt cute so I made Russell take a picture of me.  I've had requests from family for more belly pictures, so request granted!

19 weeks, 2 days :)
And since I like to use the blog for birthday shout-outs... Happy 21st Birthday to my fabulous, gorgeous, funny, sweet sister Marissa!  I surprised her at her apartment at OBU with this ridiculous balloon!  Love you Rissa!

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  1. Your bump is coming along! Very cute.
    Looks like a great weekend get away! I've always wanted to go up there. Glad y'all took the time to take a "babymoon"!