Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It Likes to Move It Move It

Yes, I can feel the baby move!!!  I thought I was feeling something around 16 weeks but wasn't completely sure so I started paying close attention to these subtle feelings in my tummy.  Then a few days later I decided to pamper myself with some Christmas money and got a facial.  As I was lying there completely still and enjoying the relaxation, I felt the baby!  It felt kinda like a ripple effect... like others have described a butterfly or something.  Since that day, I am more aware to little movements going on in there.  One time it felt like a little popcorn kernel popped, a tiny kick perhaps?  Then yesterday that happened 3 times in a row.  Hiccups?  I can't be sure of what any of these movements actually are, but I know it is the baby making them and that is exciting!!  I absolutely can't wait until they are hard enough that Russell can feel them too.  I know he's going to love that!

In other pregnancy news:

I haven't had another "episode" since my Tossing Cookies post.  Success!

It is almost a guarantee that when I sneeze, a little pee will come out - just being honest here, folks!

Russell and I took a semi-spontaneous trip to Big Cedar Lodge outside of Branson last weekend, more to come on that later!

Still having trouble eating meat... although I was able to eat some delicious fajitas at LifeGroup last night!  Thanks Jon & Jen!

I'm 19 weeks today which means half way is next week!  Crazy!

2 weeks and 1 day until we find out the sex of the baby.  It is killing me not knowing!!!

I think that's it for now...Oh!  and Happy 50th Birthday Mom!!!  Or Gammie maybe?!  What a blessing you are in my life and I am so thankful for you!  You are beautiful, selfless, encouraging, supportive, and the list could go on for miles!  I hope YOUR day is fabulous!  I just wish I could spend it with you!


  1. So cool that you can feel it move now! It just gets better and better!! Being pregnant is truly THE most amazing thing you will ever do. Thanks for the birthday shout out from blog world and the kind words. And I love the flowers!!

  2. I love your honesty and I love hearing how the baby feels since some of us haven't had babies! We can't wait to hear the sex!