Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tossing Cookies... TMI?

Warning:  This post may not be suitable for those with a weak stomach.  But in my selfish need for documentation, I need to provide you with (possibly too much) information.  So they say that the first trimester is supposed to be the worst for morning sickness right?  Wrong.  At least for me.  I never once threw up during the first trimester.  I experienced lots of nausea throughout the day and extreme tiredness, but never got to the point of tossing my cookies.  That all changed in the second trimester for me.  So far?  Baby: 7, Me: 0.  That would be 7... puking episodes.  I told you, possibly TMI.  And I should also say that I have friends that threw up the entire pregnancy, so even though those 7 times were utterly unpleasant, I am thankful that for the most part I haven't been sick.  The majority of the 7 were cases where I let myself go too long in between meals.  It's like I learned early on that I should always have something on my stomach to avoid getting sick, and then ignored my own rules once I got to the second trimester.  Stupid!  Oh well, lesson learned.  Just because you're in the second trimester doesn't mean you're in the clear, Brittany.  Eat often.  (But apparently not grosses me out.  And anything too hot (temperature-wise) never tastes good in the evenings...weird, I know.)  The most recent puking episode is actually quite funny now that I look back on it.  Russell and I had been to a friend's gorgeous wedding, here's a pic of us in the photobooth... classic.
Our conversation before photobooth pictures: "Go Pokes, point to baby, silly, cute." Achieved!  Just wish we were taller :(
So anyway, I ate a bite (ok, bowl of cereal) before going to the wedding, just in case my stomach didn't want whatever they were serving.  Turns out they had awesome food, my favorite being french fries served in a drinking glass with ketchup at the bottom of the glass.  I didn't eat the meat or anything hot as mentioned above, but I had my fill.  When we got home, I started having some heartburn.  I have never had this before in my life, but I knew that had to be what it was.  I tried not to think about it and just go to bed b/c I was beat.  Then about 3am I wake up in PAIN.  I can only think of a couple times with the flu that I have been more miserable.  I tried sleeping in a recliner, Tums (gag me!), water, etc.  Nothing helped.  I finally got up about 5:30 and googled what I should do.  As I was reading about how to combat heartburn/acid reflux, OH NO!!!  I barely made it to the bathroom and... episode #6.  I decided after that I needed a fix and it had to come now!  So at 6am I took Copper (we had a friend staying with us and I didn't want him to wake her) to the gas station and bought myself some meds.  I thought I wasn't going to make it home... open the garage, run to the front yard AND... episode #7.  Now I have never in my life thrown up outdoors before and I'm sure if anyone had driven by they would have thought I'd had a wild night of drinking or something lol!  Nope, don't mind me... just pregnant and puking.  And mid-puking, trying to keep the dog from running away.  Heave, "Copper here!", heave, "Copper!" get the drift.  I'm sure it was quite a sight, but thankfully not many people are awake at 6am on a Saturday.  I finally got back inside, took the meds (doctor approved Zantac), and started feeling better eventually.  I'm hoping the heartburn thing was a 1-time deal and isn't going to become a trend b/c it was absolutely awful.  Anyway, that's my sick story!  And oh, I was telling a guy about it at church the next day and he said, "Why didn't you elbow your husband and make him go get the meds for you?!"  Hello?!  Genius idea!  Why didn't I?!  I guess I didn't want to wake him and was only focused on making myself better.  But next time, Russell is getting the elbow for sure!!!         


  1. haha! poor Brittany! That's terrible! I'm so sorry you are getting sick! Well at least you know what medicine to take if you do get heartburn again! I like the Copper chasing part (it's only funny because it's after the fact) :)

  2. i had to take zantac pretty much my entire pregnacy BOTH times. i think they say if you have heartburn it is a girl!! hope you don't have any more puking episodes!